Sunday, March 31, 2019

Less than a week to Salute 2019

Less than a week to Salute 2019, there have been lots of time and work spent for our game in the UK, Finland and Sweden that will be brought together on Saturday for Salute 2019 so I hope you take a minute to passby our demogame at GC 09 "Battle of Dänholm 1807" using the Rebels and Patriots rules and have alook and a chat, see you all there :)

Below you can find some pictures posted in our project group during the course of the project.

Thursday, March 14, 2019

Stuff for our Salute 2019 game

Not may weeks left for Salute 2019, Master terrain builder Jan are working on our gameboard in the UK and here in Sweden and Finland we have been painting lots of napoleonic Swedes and Froggs.

Below some pictures of what I been working on. First some Lovely Swedish Jaegers by Perrys these are the Wermland Jaegers, then some pontone bridges that the Froggs will use for their littorial landing and last some pictures of painted minis from one of our playtests of the scenario.