Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Finished Allmoge Soldiers

Here are some picture of the Finished Allmoge Soldier base.

I used my newly painted backgroud... I hope that it was ok?

Minis from Perry, Claymore Castings and a Perry

Monday, February 27, 2012

Basing Allmoge Soldiers

Here are a short un throug about how I base my minis for my Kalmar Union War project

Base Sizes:

Infantry: 3 minis on a 40x40mm plan to use 6 of them in 2 ranks for a average Hail Ceasar Unit, i.e work for Impetus to as the frontage will be 120mm.

Cavalry and Commanders: 2 mounted or 1 mounted and 2 flag bearers on a 40x50mm base.

Artillery: ...havent decided yet as I havent painted any one up... might have to use a wider base I will probably go for 60mm.


Here are 3 minis from Perry, Claymore Castings and a Perry glued to a 40x40mm base.

I paint the whole base with a mix of cheap brown paint, PVA-glue and water...

And dip it in my Sand mix. The Sand are a mix from several manufacturer mainly Games Workshop and Zitterdes.

Here I have applyed some green Games Workshop flock using PVA-glue.

I use to paint some of the larger stones with Gray colour to get a little more contrastes in the base, this time I used a Vallejo Model Color, Medium Sea Grey #158.

Now I have added some green Foilage (Woodland Scenics) and Tufts (Army Painter) and then I soaed the whole base with Scenic Cement (Woodland Scenics) to seal it all.

Pictures of the finished base then the Scenic Cement have dryed...

Sunday, February 26, 2012

Painting Allmoge Soldiers

I thought it would be perfect to show how I paint my Allmoge Soldiers using the per-production sample I got from Claymore Castings.

I paint on a basecoat of brown using Army Painters primer Fur Brown. After the primer has dry I tidy up missed areas with Vallejo Model Colour, Beige brown #135.

I use to block paint, startin with the metall colours, then the face and all clothes and details.

All paints I use are from the Vallejo Model Colour range

Arms and Armour - Natural Steel #178
Flesh - Flat Flesh #18
Padded Jacket - Yellow Ochre #121
Hoses - Luftwaffe Uniform #105
Belts and scabbard - Hull Red #146
Bots and wepon Shaft - I left in Beige brown #135

Next step are to soak the mini in Games Workshops Dewland Mud.

I have tryed Vallejos equivalent, but I didnt realy like it, and the Army Painters quickshade are to smelly to use at home.

Now it is time for High lights...in most case then I paint several minis at the time I only high light the Arms, Armour and the face. For characters I use to High Light the whole mini.

Then I high light I usally use the same colour as the base starting with a gentle dry bruch of the metal parts.

The Hull red i use to high light with Cavalry Brown #137 to get a reddish feel.

Next step are to fix the base, more about that then I painted 2 more minis for the base.

Saturday, February 25, 2012

Claymore Castings Sample

I was kindly offered a pre-production sample from the newly established miniature company Claymore Castings that is run by David Imrie/Saxon Dog and Andrew Taylor.

Their first range are Scotts for the Otterburn 1388 Campaign Sculpted by Paul Hicks. I´m told there will be Brittish troops to, but first some Scots Archers and some more Scots Spear (without Swords and paded armour...

The pre-production sample I got was one of the Scots Spear from pack OT3. The mini was very nice sculpted with clear details and a dynamic pose. The cast was very good and without any clear mould lines.

It matched perfect with the Perry HYW and WOTR minis I mostly use for my kalmar Union War project.

I will defently get me some more of these and mix in to my Swedish Allmoge units, I think it will turn out very well as they used what armour and equipment they got even though it had been used by grandpa back in the good old days:)

Here are a couple of pictures (sorry for the lousy pictures) of the Claymore mini with a couple of Perrys and a Kingmaker mini as a amature size comparison;)

There are better pictures of there unpainted and painted minis at the Saxon Dog blog. or in time at the Claymore Castings site.

Thursday, February 23, 2012


I have painted me some Pavises:)

Haven´t found any real historical account that they were used in Sweden during the 15th centery. But as the Danes employed greate numbers of european mercenarys, including crossbowmen they probably brought the pavises...

Anyway they was included in the perry plastic box and just had to be used;)

Bases are 60x15mm

Monday, February 20, 2012


The first of at least 3 bagage wagons for my Kalmar Union War armys, will probably be used mostly by the Danish troops.

I awaiting 2 more from Perrys but they was out of stock...2 weeks ago, so I hope they will arrive soon...

This wagon and oxen are from Redoupt, although I think I have to get me 2 more oxen for a propper team...

Barrels from Rendera and the pig are a flee market find.

I allso made me a special base of wagon defenders. Minis from Crusader.

Friday, February 17, 2012

Earl Godwin

I had some minis left over after finishing my two SAGA armys so I painte up a Anglo-Danish Commander, by the name Earl Godwin. He is a real fighter and can lead any warband to numerous victorys;)

Earl Godwin might be for Sale...

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Feast of Crows

This time we were 3 players so we decided to try out the Feast of Crows scenario...

After the last battle Duc Willhelm and he´s ravaging Normans decided to retreat to Welsh territory... of course Earl Leofric could not let that happen, so he ruched to the poor Welshmens aid...

At the same time Jarl Eirik had decided to go for a strandhugg in the west...

Jarl Eirik had left most of he´s Hirdmen home except for the berserkers, the rests of he´s force was 3 groupes of Bondis that was eager to proven them selfs in battle...

Earl Leofric deployed 2 units of Cerols in the front hiding himself and he´s Houscarls in the back...

And Duc Willhelm brought most of he´s remaining Knights to the battlefield supported by a unit of sergeants to cover the flank against the approching vikings...

Jarl Eirik was disappointed as no one apperantly wanted to play with he´s warband... He made a cautious advance...not very viking but he didn´t want to get the Norman Sergeantes in the side...

Earl Leofric and Duc Willhelm started to move against eachother...

The Anglo-danes and the Normans started to fight it out on the other side of the forest...

Jarl Eirik was still slightly intimidated by the Norman Sergeants...not like him at all...

Continuous combat on the other side of the forest...

As the Norman Sergeants retreated Jarl Eirik ordered he´s warband to attack the Anglo-Danes in the side, but they was caught up by the forest and Anglo-Danish intimidation...

But some how the Berserkers was left behind... they might have mixed the toadstool with mead... not a good combination as you get lazy and tired instead of agressive and crazy...

AT LAST ! Jarl Eirik had managed to get hi´s warband in to combat with some Anglo-danes hiding in the forest...

BUT it was to late all the fun had already take place on the other side of the forest...not much to do as the Anglo-Danes claimed victory...

The Welsh territory was now under Anglo-Danish rule...

Monday, February 13, 2012

House of Stenbock

Here are the last 6 knights of the 24 I started to paint last autumn:) No more knights untill the Perry Plastic Knights are released...

This time the Kinghts are under command of Gustaf Olofsson of the House of Stenbock.

Coat of arms for the House of Stenbock

The House of Stenbock mostly sided with the pro-union and the Danish King, they was so called border nobility with estates on both the Danish ans Swedish side of the border in nowerday southern Sweden. They had much to lose, regarding trade and estates if the Kalmar Union would scatter...

Gustaf Olofsson was knighted in 1448 by the new Swedish King, Karl Knutsson of the House of Bonde

In 1452 he was Head of the Elfsborg Fortress, that he surendered to the Danes, now considered a traitor, Gustaf Olofsson and he´s House turned side to the pro-union and the Danish king, not the last time they turned side during the coming 20-years of internal conflicts in Sweden...

The minis are mostly Perrys, I think... except for the banner holder that are a old GW Bretonnian mounted Yeoman...

Saturday, February 11, 2012

Claymore Castings

Claymore Castings are a brand new miniature company by David Imrie and Andrew Taylor.

They plan to release some very promising 28mm minis, sculpted by Paul Hicks, for the Otterburn campaign i.e. war between the Scotts and the English, in the end of the 14th century.

The minis so far, Scotts, look realy good and will be perfect for my Swedish Allmoge units as they used quite outdated equipment in the 15th century, as did the Swedish nobility so the commanders will find their way in to some units to...

Just start waiting for the planed release in april:)

Thursday, February 9, 2012

House of Dyre

During tha autum 2011 i started to paint 24 knights for my Kalmar Union War project, 12 have been finished and now I have compleated 6 more of them:)

This small unit are under command of the Danish noble man Peder Nielsen Skeele from the House of Dyre.

Coat of Arms for the House of Dyre

The minis are a mix but mostly Perry.

Sorry to say, but the flag and shield wasn´t one of my best...might have to re do them so the horns get better...