Wednesday, May 27, 2015

A copy of Frostgrave in the post :)

Yesterday I recieved a pre-publication copy of Ospreys new fantasy miniature wargame rules "Frostgrave" written by Joseph A. McCullough.

I haven´t had the time to read or test the rules yet, but the production value for the book are exelent, hardback and lots of inspirational pictures both photos and drawings, first impression are good:)

Seems like the rules are for small warband with a Wizard as main character and his loyal followers, less then 10 minis needed.

It all are sett in the frozen City of Felstad. I like the ideea of a medieval winter my Baltic Crusade project...might use some of those minis as Followers in the first test games... in wait for the official Frostgrave plastic minis by North Star.

Plastic box set with 20 multipart figures from NorthStar

I will ofcourse try to put together a full review of the rules but please give me a couple of weeks to read and testplay.

The Frostgrave rules are due for publication on 20 July 2015

..."Winter is Coming"... might have been another fantasy setting ;)



  1. The book looks very nice indeed! I have been eyeing this game for a while and it seems very interesting. The setting (or what I have seen of it this far) is interesting so I would be very interested in a test game if time permits.

    1. You are alreade enlidted for some playtesting :)

      I'll send you a mail and set up a game matey!

  2. I've had my eyes on that set of rules. Looks interesting indeed.
    May we see a game at the club?

  3. Congratullations, Michael! I´m very interested in this ruleset, awaiting the date of its release.

  4. I invested in the "nickstarter" of this game. Saw this being playtested on some dungeon tiles in a blog and thought this might be a good way to get some mileage out of my fantasy/warhammer quest collection

  5. Looks great, a completely new angle for a fantasy game. Now all I need is to find a suitable "Elsa" miniature, and I'll be able to recruit my daughter to the hobby!

    1. I actually had the same ideea :) please tell if you fiind anny good 28 mm minis for it.

      I any one Else have any suggestions for "frost" minis please tell