Monday, May 4, 2015

Crossbowmen with pavise

I start to settle down from the Salute experience with finishing some Crosbowmen with pavise for our Håtunaleken club project.

I also painted me a new leader (mini to the left) for my Foot Knights as the old one was left to lead the garison of Stockholm in our Salute game "Stockholm 1392, so if you are UK you might see him at some convention if Jan feels up to it.

The Crossbowmen will I mixup with my Spearemen painted in the same style and feld them as 2 groups of Crossbowmen with Pavise @ 6pts each.

I painted them in red and white as they will work as generic Danes or even be fielded as Haseatic militia or mercenarys. They will ofcourse also be fileded as the Hoast of the House of Köningsmark, a German noble House that are mentioned in Swedish sourses sins 1225, they seems to have reached some possition as they had several estates in Sweden as well as they was Hövitsmän/Commanders at Stockholm Castle on several occations.


  1. Very nice looking, i love it ! The red is beautyfull !

  2. Great stuff and like the variety of shield patterns.

  3. Lovely work! just love the shields!

  4. Nice touch with the pavise - glad to hear you're safe and back in good old SE. Now I want to know, if you've looted some Toffee Crisp while you were "over there"... those were good!

    1. Haha... So you remember My crave for ToffeeCrisp :) yes indeed i smugeled some back to Sweden but they are all gone by now...

  5. Very nice indeed Michael! The pavises look great.

  6. They look splendid. I like the use of the same colour but in different patterns on the pavises, very effective.

  7. Fantastic brushwork once more. The pavises are a real corker.