Sunday, May 31, 2015

Frostgrave wizards and companions

I have been reading the Frostgrave rulebook the last days...can´t help it but I get very inspired for some fantay gaming;)

So I started to look for minis in my old bitbox and found 4 old citadel wizards that will be handy...

In Frostgrave your main character ar your Wizard, his apprentice and their henchmen up to 8 of them.
If you want to red a bit more about building your warband to Frostgrave please make a visit to the author Joe´s blog.

I decided to make a Chaos Summoner Wizard for my first Frostgrave warband, just because I had a bunch of old chaos and demons bits in my bitbox

Below are some pictures of my builds, I will go for a small warband composed of:
The Wizard
The Apprentice
4 Men at Arms
This warband would cost 520 gold and you only have 500 gold... a small problem that I have to sort in some way but it won´t bother me to much...but maybe my opponent;)


  1. Great looking warband!
    Can you build non human warbands too ?

    1. Thanks Alan
      So you think My mutanted chaos warriors are humans... ;) The rules dosen't difference race, so I see no problem fielding elfs dwarfs or orcs if you want, just use the same stats, think of the followers names more of their function in the warband, suppouse the elf wizard would use more trackers and rangers in the warband for example.

  2. Looking forward to seeing these painted up and some games after that:)

  3. Interesting project - I like these kind of rules with a low paint up threshold before gaming. 6 minis are very accommodating in that sense!

    1. Indeed, a warband are at most 10 minis, wizard, apprentice and 8 followers. Almost like
      Wizard - Gandslf @ Free
      Ranger - Aragorn @ 100pts
      Knight - Borimir @ 100pts
      Ranger - Legolas @ 100pts
      Templar - Gimli @ 100pts
      4 Thiews - Frodo, Sam, Pippin and Merry @ 20 pts each

      And still 20pts to spend ;)

  4. Going to be a cool looking warband Michael!

  5. Nice work! Those old wizards seems to spot on the look based on what I've seen of Frostgrave thus far.

  6. I think I like the look of your old figures more than the new ones!

  7. Nice start you got going on there. I need to order the book

  8. Very cool Michael! Looking forward to seeing them painted up – and of course on the gaming table. :)

  9. Great looking warband, really classic!

  10. Interesting.
    This will be interesting. Looking forward to your thoughts on the rules.

  11. Great looking figures, looking forward to seeing them painted and hearing your comments on the rules.

    Cheers, Ross

  12. I got the full set of eight plastic wizards today. Your post gave me the idea to get them after I saw some for sale :)