Thursday, May 14, 2015

Going to "Lincon 2015" on Saturday

Seems like I will visit my first Swedish gaming convention for over 10 years. I will Join my mateys Sören and Jesper to Linköping and Lincon 2015.

We will run a Greate Northern War demo game of the Battle at  Holowczyn 1708 and also sell some Warfare Miniatures, especially the new Swedish GNW ones:)

So if you by any chanse visit Lincon on Saturday be sure to visit room R34 and have a look at the game and buy some stunning minis, we will be up and running from 13:00.

Here are some samples of the new Swedish GNW minis by Warfare Miniatures:


  1. Have fun!
    Hopefully I will go to a Swedish gaming convention in the near future. Once my Swedish is better. Enjoy the game!

    1. Indeed i hope we Will!
      No need to spel swedish, every one here can english in some way.

  2. Hope you have a nice convention and look forward to seeing plenty of pics soon.

  3. Looked like a great game! Got my eyes on those swedes but don't have the time rihgt now. :)