Friday, May 26, 2017

Eagle of Empire skirmish wargaming rules introduction and basing

I have posted some unboxing posts of the very nice 28mm Eagle of Empire miniatures, Prussian Infantry, French Infantry and Bavarian Infantry and as they are Sold with the still unpublished Eagle of Empire skirmish wargaming rules in mind some questions have come up regarding basing for the Rules.

I have been involved in the play test with the man behind the rules Sören that also run Eagle of Empire miniatures. As it is still under playtest i reccon all are not set in stone, buy the basing of the minis have been the same all the time.

In a box of Infantry from eagle of Empire you will get 16 individual minis, Officer, Ensign, Musician and Core troops. For the Eagle of Empire rules these minis included in a box represents a Section with an attaced Officer. A Section are made up of 2 Squads, each squad have 3 bases. A Section may have a Officer attached.

As you can see by the Section Cohesion picture abow the minis are bases on round bases, each Squad are made up of 3 bases and 7 minis. 
  • 2 man bases are 30mm 
  • 3 man bases are 40mm
Rules wise it is good if each Squad are made up of 3 bases or you have to keep track of losses in some other way, the number of minis on each base are really not that important, but it look good on the gaming table and give a good skirmish feel to the game to use the sugested basing style. 

Below you can see some examples of the minis from a French Line Infantry box that have been based according to the Eagle of Empire rules. 

First you have the Squad of 3 bases abd 7 minis, then you have 2 independant squads of 2x3 bases (2x7minis) that can form a Section if the are given an Officer.

The last picture show the whole content of the box, 2 squads that are  formed as a Section as they have the Officer with Ensign attached and within the command ranges.

I hope this helped you out to start basing you Eagle of Empire minis for the Eagle of Empire skirmish wargaming rules.


  1. Sounds intriguing. The more I see and read about this project, the more interested I become. I also like the somewhat familiar basing :).

    1. Haha... I might have influenced Sören in some part ;)

  2. Thanks for this info - waiting for more to come ;-)

  3. How many sections are needed to play a basic game?

    1. Hi

      I would say 2 sections, i.e. 4 squads i.e. 2 boxes of Eagle of Empires minis would be good to have, starting with one section on table and the other as reinforcements.