Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Sneak Peak of the layout for Eagle of Empire wargaming rules

I got some sample pages from the ongoing layout work of the upcoming Eagle of Empire wargaming rules. As with the exellent looking unitcards included in the miniature boxes the sampla pages look great in my mind.

I don´t know how much of the rules i´m allowed to reveal, but I feel the need to ease my mind a bit;)

The units in the game are considered to be Squads and if you have a officer present they can be grouped in to Sections, equal to the minis included in an Eagle of Empire infantry box, might be a coincidense ;)

To start playing very small games of the Eagle of Empire rules a box of minis will be enough, but to explore the depth of the rules I would suggest that each player at least have two boxes of minis so there will be 4 Squads at each side.

The rules are considered to be "big skirmish"game, the scope are not to playout a complete battle but a small part of a bigger picture. This will be reflected in the rules by different resourses that higher command might make available for your part of the battlefield as the game progress in the form of  new troops and the abilities from the national specific Doctrine cards that will be included in the rules and yes, there will be a couple of different Doctrine cards for each nation.

To manage these resources during the game you will gain Command Points that you can spend to use the abilities on the Doctrine card you have choose to use during the game as well as call for new reinforcements in the form of new Squads and Sections, BUT you have to economize your Command Points as you also need them to get Victory Points that are essential to win the battle.

The management of the Command Points and to decide when to use them for Doctrine Card abillities, Reinforcements or Victory Points are a key factor to be sucessfull in a game of Eagle of Empires.

I hope to be able to tell more about the rules later on.


  1. Very useful overview. Sounds good!

  2. Sounds interesting! Thanks for the overview!

    Do you know, if one could use the rules for skirmishes of advance guards too?
    If I read correctly the rules should portray a part of a bigger battle, so you get reinforcements and so on - but this may be not the case, when advance guards meet each other.

    1. Thanks !

      Indeed i think it would work fine for Skirmishers of advance guards to, you might not choose the Doctrine card that makes it possible to get artillery support but maybe more movement etc.

      The rules are indeed wery free so you should be able to playout all kind of games in a small scale situation either on their own or as a part of a large event.

    2. Ah nice - thank you for this answer :-)

  3. "I don´t know how much of the rules i´m allowed to reveal..."

    Not always but in this case, more is better! Looking forward to future reveals.