Friday, May 5, 2017

Vorwärst Kinder ! The von Halden Spring offensive

Just a heads up for you all that as I like the stunning Franco-Prussian minis my matey Sören at Eagle of Empire miniatures are producing.

Seems like there are more named Historical Charactersadded to the range, amongst them the Prussian hero von Halden. That also seems to lead the way to a 10% discount on all curryns eagle of Empire minis untill 14 may 2018. You can find the discountcode at the Eagle of Empire facebook page.

If you are aiming for a French force you also have a greate deal with stunning 28,5% discount.

The wounded Commandant Berbegier resting on a dead horse during the Battle of Gravelotte and French Line Infantry value deal:

Pour L'empereur French Infantry deal: 
4 Infantry Boxes (64 miniatures total)
8 Unit Cards
Painting Guide
Free Commandant Berbegier miniature
Normal price: £112 


  1. Great stuff! Ordered some Prussians the other day and can't wait to see them. :)

    1. Exellent !!! I don't think you Will be disapointed, they are indeed really nice .

  2. Amazing stuff!
    I order some french i didnt know any one but Wargames foundry sculpted for the Franco-Prussian War an I gott to say Eagle of Empiper looks better! :)

    Now to find a rule system!Maybe black powder it simpel but I dont know, any suggestions?

    1. Indeed nice minis :)

      Eagle of empire Will publish their own rules, unit Cards are Included in all miniatur boxes. I think the rules Will be very nice, especialy as i been involved in the development and playtest ;)

    2. That's great news!
      Can one perhaps inquire on what level its fought? Skirmish, brigade ;)?

      And the obligatory, basing? XD

    3. Indeed it is :)
      skirmish i would say. Each of the Eagle of Empire boxes Includes 2 units of 7 minis each and 2 minis for a officer base. The units are Compared of 3 round bases with 2x2 minis and 1x3 minis (30mm for the 2 mini bases and 40mm for the 3 mini Base)

      The rules are quite forgiving regarding basing so as long as a unit are 3 bases it would work fine.