Sunday, October 31, 2010

Beer, Hamburger and Painting

Friday evening I and some friends was invited to Ogges place for some beer, hamburgers and painting. Was a realy nice evening managed to continue to paint one of my Spanish Tercios, I hope to have pictures tomorrow.

Ogges homemade bacon cheese hamburgers with bbq sause, beer and some minis to paint:)


  1. Synd att man inte var där men jag lyckades inte fixa barnvakt i fredags.

  2. Beer... Hamburger... painting... it sounds like you enter Nirvana!

    (Damn! Now I need a Guinness ;P)


  3. Sounds like (and looks like) good times!

  4. It was a realy good time:) We use to have painting sessions with food, beer and lots of wargaming talk, you wouldn´t believe how much you manage to paint in such a session.

  5. I am doing the same thing at this moment...except it is Warsteiner, veggie wraps, and Vikings.


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