Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Spanish Commanders

At last have I started to Focus on the Painting of my Spanish TYW army. I have got my minis delivered and sorted out in units. My plan are to finish the most part of the project by the end of November.

The to do list:
3 Commanders
5 Tercios each of 36 minis
5 Cavalry units each of 12 minis and horses
2 Artillery pieces with 4 crew each

All the minis for this I have and it is just to start painting...which I already have done:) so here are pictures of the 3 Commanders

C-in-C Cardinal-Infante Ferdinan

2nd-in-C Ottavio Piccolomini

3rd-in-C Count of Cervellón

Spanish Commanders


  1. They are really incredible! Is nice to see how good and accurate you try to represent the Spanish army during its most powerfoul period. This is a matter that spanish people is not really used to.

    Cheers from Spain!

  2. Hi El Soldado Tranquilo
    Thanks for your comments, appreciated:) I realy hope that you will like the rest of the army... I hope to have pictures up during the folowing weeks as soon as the units are finished.
    Best regards Dalauppror

  3. Hi!

    They look awesome! Congratulations for your paint job and for starting a well researched army.

    I'll watch yours go with interest