Monday, August 1, 2011

AAR Battle at Älgsundet 1457

At last have I played my first Kalmar Union War game using the Hail Caesar rules. I have writen a small scenario about the Battle at Älgsundet in 1457, then the Swedish Archbishop Jöns Bengtsson (Oxenstierna) rebelled against the Swedish King Karl Knutsson (Bonde)...

I diden´t have the time to go down to the club and play it ou,t so my kitchen table had to do...and the only gamingmat I had was 60x90cm!!! But as Hail Caesar is a realy adaptable game system so it worked out fine:)

I had to make some small changes...I only fielded half of the units in my scenario and I used Centimetres instead of Inch...

And I changed the Break point system to: add the Hits for all troops in the army divide by 2 and you got the armys Break point, if you lose as many points worth of untis the army breake and they lost the battle... units that get shaken count as half the points lost as long as they stay shaken. I hope you got it:)

OOB for Battle at Älgsundet condense...

The Rebell force under command of the Archbishop Jöns Bengtsson of the house of Oxenstierna.
2 Units of Allmoge
1 Small unit of Allmoge skirmishers
Breake Point 6+6+4/2=8

The Kings forces under command of the King Karl Knutsson from the House of Bonde
1 Small unit of Mounted Knechts
1 Unit of Allmoge
1 Small unit of Mercenary Handgunners
Breake Point 4+6+4/2=7

Set up map for my orginal scenario, yes I have lost a D in Älgsundet;)

My small gaming board, the troops moved in on turn 1...and a Shepherd with some livestock as spectators...

The Battle begins with a cautious advance by both sides... The Archbishops troops to the left and the Kings troops to the right...

The Kings Mercenary Handgunners advanced in cover of the fenced field...

The Archbishop sends he´s skirmishers out to the right to screen of the Handgunners...while he´s Allmoge units start to shower the Kings troops with crossbow bolts...

Both sides try to soften the enemy troops by crossbow fire... in the back you can see the King rally he´s Allmoge troops...

At the same timetThe Kings Handgunners managed to frighten of the Allmoge skirmishers...and make the Archbishops side to loose 4 Break points... just 4 left...

As the Kings troops were a little inferior in shooting capacity, they decided to charge !!!

A intence close combat that lasted for 3 turns followed...

At fisrst it seemed like the Archbishop would be Victorious as the Kings men started to retreat...

BUT The Kings Allmoge troops came out on top in the end, then they manage to break one of the Archbishops Allmoge units and make the Archbishops side to loose another 6 Break Points to a total of 10 lost Break points and a Lost Battle...

Even in a Insignificant format, like this gam,e Hail Caesar have proven to be a greate game system! We had a realy fun and intense game that lasted for a little more than one hour.

Below you can fins my Scenario and it wouldent be to hard to be set in the WOtR, playing the Allmoge units as mixed Bill and Bow units... Please let me know if you try it out:)


  1. Excellent looking game,battle report and maps- again it shows what fun can be had with a small numbe rof figures on a small tabletop. I look forward to the next game. By the way have you decided to use Hail Caesar rather than Impetus now?

  2. Thanks Alan !

    It was a realy nice small and intense game, 102 foot, 10 mounted, 4 cows and 6 sheeps took part;)

    Next KUW Hail Caesar game will be played on Sunday 21 of August down at the it then is 548 years sins the Battle at Helgeandsholmen 1463 (back then just outside in the central of the town...).

    I´m fairly sure that Hail Caesar will be the rules for my Kalmar Union War Project, thay give me the game I want and they give me greate freedom then I put togheter my scenarios.

    I realy like Impetus and I will use them to play KUW pick up games, if I wanted to point build armys rather then play scenarios.

    Best regards Dalauppror

  3. Great report and photos. Nice to see the animals too. Excellent work.

  4. Thanks Rodger !

    Greate to get your response!

    The animals absolutely lift the gamingboard.

    Best regards Dalauppror

  5. Great battle report and some excellent photos.

  6. Thanks Scotty !!!

    Nexst time I will try to only take excellent photos;)

    Best regards Dalauppror

  7. That is good work, good batrep but you go the extra mile with the battle maps, very nice.

  8. Thanks !!!

    Glad you like my maps! I hope that soem one will try out the scenario to...

    Best regards dalauppror

  9. Nicely done :-) what are you using to do the diagrams?


  10. Thanks Jason!

    Not sure what diagram you refering to... is it the Stats for the armys? anyway I write all my scenarios in Office, and tansfer them to .PDF and .GIF

    If you have any use of my word file for one of my scenarios I be glad to mail it to you. If so Pleaes post a comment here with your mail adress and I send you the file, I won´t publish you comment with you mail adress:)

    Best regards Dalauppror

  11. Thanks for sharing this.
    I keep hearing good things about Hail Caesar all around. Seems to be slightly more readily accepted into the community than Black Powder in its time. However, still hesitant to give it a try, since I'm desparately in love with the Impetus basing, and not sure if it works properly with the use of formations in HC. Is there any need expressed in the rules to actually represent different formations (like column, line etc) on the tabletop?


  12. Hi Sire Godefroy

    I had my own doupts about Impetus basing for HC... I HC you might want to show the units in Column or for me I want to show my Allmoge in Skirmish formation...

    But with a unit of 2 Bases that is easy, Way not try it out using 2 Impetus bases for one HC unit? worked fine then we played our Punic war scenarios...

    My the only thing stoping me from re-base one again are that using real 28mm Impetus bases the unit will be 24cm wide and have to use a quite large gaming table...

    ...Have considered to re-base on 60x60 bases and uring 2-3 for a HC unit... 60x60 makes it possible to use for Impetus to...but I loose some possibilitys to make nice dioramas...

    Will keep my 40x40m bases for a wile thinking it ower...

    Best regards Dalauppror