Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Historical Mueum in Visby

One of the days we spent at "Fornsalen" that are a greate Historical Museum in central of Visby, it was so greate that I forgett to take pictures...but I have some...

They have a large exebition about the Gotlandic History and ofcourse with a focus on the Battles of Gotland specially the Battle at Visby in 1361.

The Battle of Gotland.

On July 22, 1361 landed the Danish invasion army at the central west coast of Gotland, probably in Fröjel. As early as July 23 should be the army of Danish King Valdemar the lead having reached Fjaler bog and Sudertingsån which they must pass in order to continue to Visby. Here, according to tradition have been two types of large losses from Gotland. July 26 - a Monday - continued to march towards Visby and 27 was a great battle outside Visby's closed gates. According to contemporary data Fallen 1800 Gotlanders here.

Two days after the battle opened the city gates and Visby Council received the Danish king who had them sign a very kindly worded charter to ... "the wise and honest men, mayor, aldermen and the bourgeoisie in our town, Visby, our dear and faithful people, who they had the old time "... In Visby, life went on and commerce seem to be underway shortly after 29 July.

The dead were buried, including the large mass graves that were dug in the consecrated ground of the Cistercian nuns' cemetery just east of the city wall. Farms may be suspected of having looted and much of the countryside was devastated. For the farmers on Sudret the fight was not over. Another type is according to later sources to have been there Gotland is at its narrowest, between the FIDE Church and Burg Bay. The task is supported by leaving messages in the FIDE church.

To show the difference in armour Danes vs. Gotlanders in the battle in 1361.

Different replica Gotlandic armours, based on the finds in the graves.

"Solberga mannen" The Solbergaman are a reconstruction by Oscar Nilsson based on a cranium found in the mass-graves after the 1361 battle outside Visby.

Ofcoure they have some models to:)

This is one showing the Harbour during the 14th centery, due to the lower water and higher land the old harbour are now a nice park called "Almedalen"

The museum are built inside 3 of the Old packhouses near the old harbour and they have set parts of one up as in the 14th centery, This is the Showroon in the Packhouse there the merchant showed examples of the merchandises they had in the uper floors.

My son found a small boat to test:)

In the museum they alsoe have a section dedicated to the Gotlandic 17th century innovator, entrepreneur and technology educator C. Polhem, with lots of he´s tecnical innovations to test. Realy nice specially for the kids.


  1. Wouldn't mind a wander around there, thanks for the pictures and info.

  2. Good to see your son is ready for his first raiding expedition!

  3. Cool pics and it looks like your son has the right idea!


  4. It´s a realy good and interesting museum and they have a good café and gift shop to:)

    Yes, my son are a real Viking, causing mayhem and destruction wherever he go´s ;)

    Best regards Dalauppror

  5. Interesting styles of armour, something I hadn't seen before. Thanks for posting.


  6. Hi Matt

    The armour was by 1361 quite outdated and it is told that the Gotlanders got the inspiration to the armour style from russia back in the 9th and 10th centery then they had extensive trading routs there.

    Best regards dalauppror

  7. Must get out the Osprey book re visby and have a look - great museum and super photos...
    many thanks

  8. I looked at the museum site most interesting.... What 28mm figure ranges would you recommend for portraying Visby 1361?

  9. Hi Alan

    Glad you liked the museeum pictures.

    I will post some more about tha Battle of Visby 1361 and some photos from the reenactment that took place.

    Minis for the battle... For the Danes I would probably use one part Perry HYW range and one part one part Curtesy 13th centery minis.

    And for the Gotlanders I would use all sort of peseants mixed up with some vikings and for the better armoured men i would use 13th centery minis probably with some in eastern type of armour but get rid of all pinty helmets and make them more western style...

    Best regards Dalauppror