Wednesday, November 16, 2011


The SAGA Dice are still "currently out of stock" and I waiting for my order of Viking dice... I think you lose some of the feel for the game then you use ordinary D6 as we have so far...

So I have started to make my own SAGA Dice to use untill the real and expensive stuff arrive:)

The Indented Blank Dice are from "Blank Dice" :)

And the Stickers I made my self using the Dice pictures on the SAGA forum and Photoshop...

If you want to print your own set of dice sticker you can download the file at our club forum, but you need to create a account, the question you will be asked in swdish, but here are a translation: How wrote the DBA rules?

Now we can try out SAGA in the right way:)


  1. I've done the same and they work out fine.

  2. Very nice idea Dalauppror. They look the part.

  3. Those are bleeding lovely and cheaper I take it?

  4. Thanks :)

    GB charges £12 for 8 dices, quite heffty I think...

    These Indented Blank Dice costed £0.20 each £1.60 for 8 of them... I ordered quite some so I got a 10% disscount to:)

    Fair postage and quick delivery...but it take some time to get the stickers in place...

    Best regards Dalauppror

  5. Top job :-)I did the same but they dont look as good as those.


  6. so who wrote DBA.. i put Wargames Research Group like it says on my copy of the rules.. didnt work.

    1. DBA was produced by the Wargames Research Group but the author was a man named Phil and I´m sure you find the right answer in your rulesbook to, otherwise you have it on the front cover of the DBMM rulebook.

      By the way the Welsh Dice have the wrong amount of some symbols so you must print 2 of them to get the right amount you need.

      Good Luck !

      Best regards Michael

  7. Got ya! thanks Michael.. glad you responded to something on a two year old post! i was worried no one looked any more.
    Fortunatly i want to do the Scots Irish Dice. Drawing all those complicated symbols by hand looks tough. it was so easy for the vikings, an F a B and an S!