Sunday, November 20, 2011

Viking Warband for SAGA

Here are some pictures of my startes Viking Warband for SAGA, 4 I´m of to 6 points ;)


  1. Looks like your all set to start raiding with your very nice looking warband!


  2. Nice. The guy who has put his shiled on the ground looks pretty angry!!!

  3. Excellent work. Very inspiring Northmen. Thanks.

  4. Great work!
    There is a warband worth conquring Vinland with.

  5. A wonderful sacrifice to All-Father Odin!

  6. Thanks !!!!!!

    @Christopher: the raiding have already begun...will give you a short AAR during next week...

    @Paul: In the mind of a angry Viking:...Ax, Toadstool or Shield...which don´t I need...hey, boys I cant realy choose? RAGNAR!!! Leave the shield, we have some Saxon homes to pillage;)

    @Engel: Vinland... I belived that we were sailing for England... Do I use the Welsh Battleboard for the "Skrælings"... ;)

  7. Fantastic force. Really like the command base.

  8. Nice looking warband, and cool idea with the dice what you need to do is make a load more of them and send them to me.....

  9. Thanks !!

    @Yorkie, post your e-mail adress here (won´t publish it), I will send you the word file with the SAGA dice sides i made.

    Then you just have to order some dices from

    I ordered 8 each of the: Ivory indented dice, Dark green indented, Dark yellow indented and Dark blue indented.

    They are just £0.2 each i.e £1.6 for each set of 8 dice or £6.4 for a set of each SAGA fraction...

    Then you print the word file on to sticker paper, cut them out, attach to the dice and you soon got your self 4 sets of SAGA dice :)

    Best regards Dalauppror