Saturday, November 3, 2012

AAR: 300 Brave Swedish Knights

at last...

...the AAR about the 300 Brave Swedish Knights...

Recap of the story:

During the autum/vinter or spring 1455-1456 a force of 3000 Union troops (Norwegian allmoge soldiers) under command of the Norwegian Knight and High Council menber Kolbjorn Gerst, advanced from Norway against the Swedish town of Lödöse...

The Swedish Lord High Constable, the Kings cousin and Hero Tord Karlsson from the house of Bonde, that was in the area assembled all available Knights, Knechts and Squires in total 300 mounted men to meet the invaders...

On the approach of the Swedish force the Union invaders formed up a defensive waggon lager and repulsed the first fierce Swedish attack. See the Swedish knights "flee" the undiciplined norwegian allmoge soldiers left the waggon lager and started to pursue...

Tord Bonde wasn´t just a hero leading his men from the front, he was a cunning man to, that had a plan...

Now the real battle could begin...


Command of C-in-C Kolbjorn Arnaldson from the House of Gerst, Cmd: 8 Combat: +1
2 Units of Allmoge

Command of Lyder van Bergen (Brother in law to Kolbjorn), Cmd: 8 Combat: +1
2 Units of Allmoge

Command of C-in-C Tord Karlsson from the House of Bonde, Cousin to King Karl Knutsson (Bonde), Cmd: 9 Combat: +3
2 Small units of Knights, Knechts and Squires

Command of Erik Eriksson from the House of Gyllenstierna, Cmd: 8 Combat: +1 (start in ambush)
1 Small units of Knights, Knechts and Squires

We had a fun game and the rules worked fine and smooth. 

Our biggest concern was WHY didn´t the Union 2nd in command Lydar van Bergen send some of his troops through the forest as he most rightful expected an ambush... 

Instead, as the real history tells, he advance and got struck in the flank by the ambushers... :)

The Historical outcome of the battle was that the Swedish Knights under command of Tord Karlsson from the House of Bonde won a decisive victory and the Union forces was scattered an the commander Kolbjorn Arnaldson from the House of Gerst was captured and imprisoned for some years. 

I may 1456 the Swedish hero Tord Karlsson from the House of Bonde was murdered in the sleep by his own Vogt, Jösse Bosson, a Danish born man...


  1. Great AAR and a very nice scenario. As usual it looks absolutely fantastic!

  2. An excellent report! Love the look of all the flags together.

  3. Your pictures, decor, comments and figures are always a great pleasure, thanks!

  4. Very good report and outstanding table, asa always. What a mess of melee!!!. One comment, the red text over green is not easy to read, it may be my badsight too but will appreciate a darker font colour

  5. Wonderful looking table with great colour! Super flags all around! Great report too!


  6. I've been meaning to ask, this isn't the same battle as the one at the end of the Arn series, correct? This one is later?

  7. Thanks Mates !!!

    I´ll try to work on the text colours, I to had a hard time for the red on the dark green...

    About Arn... The Arn books and Films are set in about 1180-1220. so its quite erlier as this is set in 1455:)

    The Battles in the Arn series are first the Battle of Lena at 31 januari 1208 and the second one are The Battle at Gestilren at 17 juli? 1210.

    Both battles was between the House of Erik and the House of Sverker (That had Danish support). The House of Erik won both times and retainer/secured? the swedeish Crown.

    Best regards Michael

  8. Great history and AAR. I especially love "the cows fled all over the place!"

    It's a shame the hero met such an end. Can't a man sleep in peace? ;-)

    1. Thanks Monty !

      Indeed a shame and a disaster for his Cousin the King, Karl Knutsson from the house Bonde, that was remove from office within a year by a revolt lead by the Archbishop imself!

      Best regards Michael


  9. Exellent AAR :)



  10. Great battle report and beautifully colourful armies!
    Also cool to hear a about a slice of history I know nothing about
    Cheers Steve

  11. Splendid AAR of a very fun game!

    I was fortunate enough to get to play in the game taking the role of Kolbjorn, and it was great fun, despite being on the losing side (well this *was* my first game of Hail Caesar...).

    I can tell you, while the pictures are nice they can't quite compare to the real thing. All those little extras, like the cattle and the village, really did add an extra dimension to the battle. Looking forward to more games in the Kalmar Union Wars!