Sunday, November 25, 2012

AAR: Raid on Penningby 1466

Here comes the first AAR from my and Jonas Dux Suecia campaign. Dux Suecia are my migration of TooFatLardies excellent game Dux Britanniarum to the Civil Wars in Sweden during the 15th century in the shadow of the Kalmar Union.

OOB Raid on Penningby 1466

The OOB for this scenario, there we used the Village Raid scenario stright from the book, was:

Swedish rebells forces (Commanded by Jonas)

Influence: 3

Commander Nils Bosson Sture of the House of Natt och Dag (Owner of Penningby)
3 units of 6 Allmoge each from Roslagen

Leader Sten Gustavsson of the House of Sture
2 units of 6 Hardened Allmoge each from Dalarna and Hälsingland

Leader Ivar Axelsson from the House of Tott (That just have turned side from pro union to rebell)
1 unit of 4 Frälse

Union forces (Commanded by me as our Danish, and ofcourse pro union, friend Sören got sik in the last minute)

Influence: 3

Commander Erik Nilsson of the House of Oxenstierna (Cousin to the Archbishop)
2 units of 4 Frälse each

Leader Erik Karlsson from the House of Vasa (Brother in law to Erik Nilsson)
2 units of 6 Fotknektar each

Leader Trotte Karlsson of the House of Eka
1 unit of 4 Skyttar

Basing of the minis
As you might have notice I don´t have my 15th century minis on single bases as stated in Dux Britanniarum. We used my multibased minis as 1 base in the game was 1 mini in the rules.

Infantry 3-4 minis on a 40x40mm base
Cavalry 2 minis on a 40x50mm base
Commanders and Leaders 1 Mounted and 2-3 fott on a 40x50mm base

So here are some pictures from the game, click on the and thet get sligthly bigger:

This was a splendig game, although I didn´t achieve the Unions goals to plunder Penningby. Even using the same rules as for our Viking adventure with Dux Britanniarum this game feelt completely different in style, might be the use of mounted units, or that we used quit much terrain or may be the size of bases? Any way was it a very enjoyable gaming session. 

The results of the raid that would effect our campaign was:

  • Swedish Victory, recived Light losses and would recover them in a month time and will be ready for action in Juli, they also rais their Influence to 4.
  • Union Loss, recived Moderate Losses and would recover them in two month time and will be ready for action in August...
Using this opportunety the Swedish Commander Nils Bosson Sture of the House of Natt och Dag can commence a raid as early as in July and get a advantage of that the Union forces arn´t fully renewed...

So our next game will be a Swedish raid of a under strenght Union supply column...

Historical re-cap: The Swedish Commander Nils Bosson Sture of the House of Natt och Dag was probably not present then the Archbishops troops raided and burnt his estate at Penningby.  Nils Bosson Sture retaliated with his 8 svennar (Squires) by traveling to Hälsingland and capture all the Archbishops gathered taxes and rally the Allmoge to a rebellion, more about that later...


  1. Once again, splendid photos, battlefield is fabulous, and minis's a real pleasure to look at your posts!

    1. Thaks Phil !!! Nice to hear that you like my work:)

      Best regards Michael

  2. Looks like a great game, much more men than a usual dux britannirum game. I guess your allowing both sides to raid each other?

  3. Hi Max

    Its only look as much more men than in a ordinary Dux britanniarum game as I have my minis maultibased, BUT when we play the games each base represent 1 men in the rules. so 6 bases of infantry are a ordinary Dux unit of 6 men.

    We absolutely allow both sides to conduct raids:)

    Historacly the Union/Archbishop started the conflict in 1466 so we let them hawe the initiative for the first campaign month, but now then they have lost the forst encounter and have to wait 2 month untill fully resupplied the Swedes will take the initiative and start raiding the Archbishops territorys...

    Best regards Michael

  4. Another splendid AAR and a very fun game!

    As Michael said: even though the changes to the rules were few, the game felt decidedly different. I'm very much looking forward to play more games in this campaign and to refine the rules even further.

    Regarding who gets to raid, I think it's great that both sides get to do it in Dux Svecia. One of the few things I don't like about the original game, it that as a British player you only get to defend yourself (if you're not fighting battles of course). Although this is probably correct in a historical sense, it does feel a bit passive after a few games.

  5. Great AAR and wonderful looking game. Interesting adaption of the rules.

  6. Great AAR yet again!
    With the posted "teaser" of the set up a few days ago you really created some high expectations and it was cool to see hem fullfilled.
    Also good to see the result of your tweaked Dux Brittaniarum.
    Looking forward to see more.

  7. Splendid AAR.
    Dont you just love it when you can use the same models to lots of diffrent rules. Nice.

  8. What and eye candy festival! Great report as well!


  9. You really do put on some lovely looking games.

  10. That was a feast for the eyes! Beautiful figures!
    I'm hoping to use the rules for 1000AD so this is encouraging.

  11. Great report:-) that really was one good looking game.


  12. A fantastic AAR. Beautiful figures and terrain too!

  13. Great AAR, the terrain and the miniatures are stunning :)