Sunday, November 18, 2012

Raid on Penningby 1466

Here are some pictures of the gaming table I just set up for tomorrows Kalmar Union War game.

This time we will not use Hail Caesar as our rule set, more about the rules in the AAR...

First a short recap of the history...

The Swedish King Karl Kutsson of the house of Bonde have just been overthrown for the second time by the Union friendly Archbishop Jöns Bengtsson from the house of Oxenstierna. The King are in exile at his estates in Finland and the Archbishop rules the contry as Lord Protector, to secure his possition he starts to weaken the opposition and folowers to the King.

During the summer of 1466 the Archbishop let his troops attack several of the oppositions estates that are plunder and burnt. One of the first to be attacked was the estate Penningby belonging to the Knight Nils Bosson Sture of the house Natt och Dag.

Tomorrows game are inspired by that event...

Set-up, the Union/Archbishops troops advancing towards penningby.

Trying to hide the cows...

Loading or unloading...the inhabitans of Penningby 
should run for it...

Just pictures of the Union force as the Swedes luring in the forests to spring a well planned ambush... or they just made a run for it...


  1. That convoy looks impressive! What a great scenario to play.

  2. Beautiful set up, should be another great game!

  3. That's a very nice set-up, looking forward to the fight!!

  4. I just love this hole project. A setting that to my knowlege havn´t been gamed before.

    Will be nice to read the following battlereport.

  5. Fabulous pictures! Looking for more...

  6. What a fantastic setup! Just looking at your terrain has given me lot of ideas :-)

  7. Wonderful looking set up! Looks to be a great game!


  8. Great looking set up looking forward to the action!