Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Skirmishers for the Baltic Crusades

Fresh of the painting table, here are some pictures of a group of Swedish Skirmishers for my Baltic Crusade project, these minis will eventually be incorporated in a ordinary ledung unit as I plan to make me some Skirmishers wearing skis...

Any suggestions of how to make medieval skis?

The minis are from the left: Artizan, Crusader, Crusader and Gripping Beast. As I got some questions about the minis I will clarify, still from the left:
  1. Artizan viking bowmen, I just added a GB plastic viking sword in the belt and a medieval heater shield on the back.
  2. Crusader crossbow man from the Later Crusader range, he to got a GB plastic Viking Sword as well as a Saex from the same kit and a GB metal kite shield on the back.
  3. Crusader crossbow man from the Later Crusader range, he got a new head from West Wind Saxon range, a purse and saex from the GB plastic viking set and a medieval heater shield on the back. The sword he have stuck in he´s belt under the shield are from Curteys medieval range.
  4. GB Plastic Saxon with a head from a Crusade mini (from the one in the green cap) and with bow arms and arrows from a Perry WOTR box and a GB metal kite shield on the back.
I hope that cleare everything out;)


  1. Fantastic figures...and atmosphere!

  2. The snow looks great and really adds something to the project!

  3. beautiful base and the snow is really well done

  4. Very atmospheric figures here. I use card/plasticard for skis.Were the skis one longer than the other (like the norwegians used) or the same length?
    In 54mm for my 19th Century Swiss ski troops I used wooden coffee stirrers from Ikea. I heated the cut tips in boiling water to soften them before bending.
    How did you make the snow on the bases?Sorry if you have posted on this before.
    best wishes

  5. Great painting AS always. Linke your snowbases too.

  6. Top notch work there Michael! Makes me want to start on the you-know-what ... ;)

  7. Very nice- am expecting Santa to turn up on the next one! Simon

  8. Great looking unit.
    One way to make skies could be to use plasticard and carefully bend them at the top of the ski. It could be a risk of breaking them so eather thinner plasticard or trying to heat them alitle in hot water or something could work.

  9. Very nice base and figures, Michael!

  10. Thanks mates, glad for your responce !

    Some good ideeas about ski making, guess I´ll have to start trying them out.

    About my snow...I do may bases as i use but no green flock...I use Games Workshop snow instead. By the way it´s snowing inStockholm tonight...

    Simon, Santa won´t be untill Christmas;)

    Best regards Michael

  11. Beautiful base. I especialy like the potential of moving the terain features around. Could be interesting to adapt this in order to keep track of the losses. These moving trays could also be twisted to carry items such as scenario rewards, loots, etc... A new parameter to add to scenario designing. Anyway, very inspiring as always!

  12. Stilig sida, stiligt namn, och framför allt stiliga målningar!

  13. Fantastic Michael, great basing!!

  14. Great looking set up Michael well done!

  15. Superb conversions, painting and basing. They mix well together