Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Craving for 15mm Vikings?

I found a buch of unpainted 15mm Vikings in a box at home, my last FoG army that newer got quite finished and never will, at least not by me...

So are you Craving for some 450ish 15mm Vikings, including about 40 archers, 2 ships, 10 mounted and camp followers, please let me know dalauppror@gmail.com and I hope we can sort some thing out.

A swift calculation tells me I bought them for about £150, I dont expect to get it all back but if you give me postage cost (£15 Worldwide) and some of the money I spent or maybe a trade (28mm Dark Age, medieval etc I´m open minded) I hope we have a deal:)

By the way, the minis are a mix of manufacturs, mostly Esses, OldGlory 15´s and Baueda.


  1. Oh! Ships and camp followers. You have my attention.

  2. Get thee behind me Satan! :-)

    It's not like I'm lacking for distractions.

  3. A lot of minis here. I think all of us have such "reserves"...

  4. Replies
    1. Don´t hesetat to give me an offer, don´t have to be much I´m just glad if the minis will come to use:)

      Best regards Michael

  5. @George, i got you comment, please send me a email at dalauppror@gmail.com and i Will get in touch with you.
    Best regards michael

  6. Are these still available? Considering getting into 15mm, and vikings would be my 1st choice.