Thursday, February 7, 2013

The Daughter paint some more...:)

My 9...soon 10 year old Daughter have shown some more interst in painting minis, so she have now finished yet one more Fantasy mini.

This time a old Games Workshop Bretonnian minis, not sure what it was called, maybe "Lady of the lake" or just "Grail Sorceress" ?  Anyway I´m glad that she seems to like painting it:)

YES ! I made the base, so it would look like the rest of the minis we will use in our winter fantasy setting...

I also got a bit inspired so I found some GW wolfs in the old bit box...

The Wolfs will be perfect to hunt down the 2 heroes of the story...2 small children in mideaval outfit, that I also had to paint... The minis are from Hasslefree Miniatures.


  1. She paint great for here age :)



  2. She´s really quite good. My daughter (7) occasionally paints a fig and she isn´t that bad. I really should encourage her more..

  3. Your daughter has done a fantastic job of painting, with a good choice of colours.

  4. Nothing wrong with that! Great painting!

  5. Wonderful work, she has a touch of your style! That is so cool that your daughter paints with you.

  6. great work the apple has not fallen far from the tree with her I see
    Peace James

  7. The skill of painting obviously runs in the family! :)

  8. Thanks!

    She likes to draw so painting minis seems to bee her cup of the to;)

    As i´m lerning her, the style ofcourse are influensed by my style:)

    Best regards Michael

  9. What could I say ?
    Talented daughter, you have....
    The Force be with you, both !