Monday, April 13, 2015

Hoasts for the Stockholm 1392 game at Salute 2015

Here are some pictures of the 4 Hoasts that you will be able to comman during our Stockholm 1392 - "God's Friends and the Whole World's Enemies" participation game at Salute 2015.

The rules we will use are Lion Rampant and there will be 4 hoastes; 2 Mecklenburg/Germans and 2 Swedish.

Each hoast will have a Leader and 2 groups of 6 minis. Yes we will run the game with half sized hoasts to speed it all up and ease the movement with in the town model.

First we have the Mecklenburg/German Leaders and their Hoasts:

Herbert Königsmark, Mecklenburg Knight and Captain at Stockholm Castle

1x6 Vitalian Brothers and other Mecklenburg Mercenarys (Expert Foot Serjants)

1x6 Vitalian Brothers and other Mecklenburg Mercenarys (Crossbowmen)

Alf Grenerot, German Mayor of Stockholm 

2x6 Vitalian Brothers and town ruffians (Ferocious foot)

To fight for freedom we have the Swedish Leaders and their hoasts:

Berthold Bruhn, Swedish Mayor of Stockholm

2x6 Swedish City Guard and rallied Burgers (Foot Yeomen with mixed weapons) 

Jöns Djekn, Swedish Town Council Member

2x6 Swedish City Guard and rallied Burgers (Foot Yeomen with mixed weapons)

I also made some unitcars to ease the gaming fot the players, of course they have a small QRS on the back;)

So if you fancy a game please come to table GL05 at Salute 2015 :)


  1. Good luck for Salute!
    An excellent looking set up and the cards add something to the game.All you and your friends efforts deserve to be rewarded with plenty participants eager to play and an award I hope too.

  2. They look great and love the cards to aid the players:)

  3. That is Lovely work Michael got to love the unit cards.... Nice!

  4. Superb looking units to accompany the excellent board. This will be a showstopper for sure!

  5. Great looking figures and the cards are a great addition.

  6. Looks great Michael! Great looking minis, and I love the unit cards. I shall pop by!

    Best, Simon

  7. Can't wait to come see the game!!!

  8. The minis are lovely - but I really adore your unit cards. Super cool detail for the game. Hope you guys will have a blast over there at Salute!

  9. Good luck in SALUTE with this fantastic game. I expect to see you there!

  10. Wish I was there! Good luck with the demo games, Michael!

  11. It's going to be a fine looking game, hope it goes well.

  12. Great looking bunch of miniatures! Perfect groups for some intense street fight gaming. And the cards are an awesome addition.

  13. Min gode man, jag må vara kraftigt påverkad av ditten och datten, men kommer det alltså att vara någon sorts sammankomst av nördar i Stockholm? Ety jag bor i Mälardalen så är jag högeligen intresserad av detta. Har jag fattat fel? När sker denna sammankomst i sådana fall

    1. Nix. Inte i stockholm. Salute är årligen återkommande figurspels event i London, England.

  14. Thanks mateys! I realy hope our game Will be a good participation game and that you that join up Will have a nice time:)