Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Market Stalls

As Jan are working on the big terrain for our Salute 2015 game Stockholm 1392 - "God's Friends and the Whole World's Enemies"  I have focused on the small stuff that I will be able to bring on the Plane to UK...

So I managed to build some market stalls, one empty, one with hats, caps and cloaks and a thirs with some pottery

I also made a table for the Black Smith to display his wotk, Sword, Shileds, Helmets etc. Indeed it is good with plastic kit leftovers;)

See you on Saturday I hope at table GL05 :)


  1. Pretty damn good Michael!

    See you Saturday mate.


  2. Nice stalls! :)

    I'll see you on Saturday

  3. Best of luck with the game and enjoy Salute Michael! I'm upset I won't be there to meet up with you.

  4. Very nice Michael, this will really bring the table to life. Be sure to take lots (and lots!) of photos on Saturday!

  5. Wonderful, just the thing to breath some life into the table top

  6. Lovely work Michael, full of the character and charm of the period! You guys will get a lot of praises at Salute, no doubt. Great stuff.

  7. Very nice! They'll certainly add to the atmosphere of the board.

  8. wonderful - will be coming along to see this game and say hello! All the best,

  9. Thanks matey !

    Good to here that several of you will join in on Saturday at Salute, see you there :)