Friday, April 24, 2015

Painted even more minis for our Stockholm 1392 game

My first plan was to use the minis I already painted for my Håtunaleken project, But I just had to paint some dedicated minis for our Salute game Stockholm 1392 - "God's Friends and the Whole World's Enemies" so I been painting 33 more during the last couple of weeks.

Sins my partner in this project Jan put such an tremendous amount of time and work in to the model I thought I just had to get all the 48 minis for the 4 fractions painted up so he can keep them in UK and maybe run our game on some other wargaming show in the UK, and woulden´t be dependant on me showing up from Sweden with the minis.

So if you running a UK wargaming show and need a fine medieval participation game please let us know and maybe, maybe Jan can head over with some club mates and run some games. If you want the real Swedish Dalauppror touch please send me a plane ticket and I will be there;)

Jöns Djekn, Swedish Town Council Member

2x6 Swedish City Guard and rallied Burgers (Foot Yeomen with mixed weapons)

Berthold Bruhn, Swedish Mayor of Stockholm

2x6 Swedish City Guard and rallied Burgers (Foot Yeomen with mixed weapons)

Herbert Königsmark, Mecklenburg Knight and Captain at Stockholm Castle

1x6 Vitalian Brothers and other Mecklenburg Mercenarys (Expert Foot Serjants)

1x6 Vitalian Brothers and other Mecklenburg Mercenarys (Crossbowmen)

Alf Grenerot, German Mayor of Stockholm 

2x6 Vitalian Brothers and town ruffians (Ferocious foot)

Now I´m of to the airport for my plane to London, See you tomorrow :)


  1. Thats fast painting :) Great work Michael!

  2. I'm still painting, bug eyed and caffeine soaked!!


  3. Looking damned good to me and will see them for real tomorrow:)

  4. That's dedication Michael! Great work – again ... :)

    Have a great weekend in London and be sure to take lots of photos for us who can't make it.

  5. Great additions!
    Looking forward to see the pictures from Salute in general and your game in particular. Have a great weekend!

  6. They look fantastic as always! I'm sure they'll be very well recieved at Salute and beyond.