Thursday, February 8, 2018

American Light Dragoons AWI

I have had them primed for about 4-5 years but never come around to paint them... but with the Rebels and Patriots rules in the pipeline I decide it was time to give them some love. The minis are from Foundrys AWI range (Sculped by Alan Perry) pack: AWI026 - Dragoons Command and AWI025 - Dragoons In Helmets. It dosent say wich of the Continental Dragoon regiemnt they are but as far as I know they looks like 3rd Light Dragoons so that is the way i tried to paint them for my Rebels and Patriots Light cavalry unit..

In the background you can see a Light infantry mini in chain helmet that also are from Foundry and pack: AWI044 - British Infantry Command In Chain Helmets. I only got that mini from the pack as I belive he was included as a sample mini in my order. I have painted him as a member of the british legion as I have hopes to paint more British Loyalists.


  1. They look great Micheal! AWI is fascinating period and one of my favorites.

  2. Well done Michael! Looking forward to see some more for this exciting period.

  3. Oh, very nice, Mr. Leck. These look fabulous.

    I have a bunch of Perry minis on order. It's all militia and riflemen at this point, but I'll get some Continentals soon, including some dragoons.

  4. They look wonderful, amazing details!

  5. Very nice... one of these days I'm going to get back to my AWI project!


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