Friday, December 3, 2010

TYW Flags

I have got some questions about how I paint my flags...and here are some pictures...

The Linnen have been glued to the flagpoles and painted with a base colour, and cut to the right length. You can alsoe see my scetch of how I will try to paint the flags...

Now they got a White base and Highligt...

Sorry for the blure picture...I have now lined out the base colour for the green (Dark green), red (Cavalry brown) and yellow (German orange ochre).

After I have highligted the green (Uniform Green) I painted the Burgundian cross in the red base colour.

Here I have highligted the red (Vermillion) and yellow (Yellow Ochre)

Another lousy picture.... the Flags have been shreded with my cliper and formed in the right flickering pose:)


  1. Extraordinary!


  2. Great looking flags...I like the way you went about doing that.

  3. Wow! Those flags are brilliant. Very nice work - well done.


  4. Thanks!!!

    Glad you liked my flags:)

    Best regards Dalauppror

  5. You´re doing a nice, inspiring painting job with all this TYW stuff. Congrats =)