Friday, January 28, 2011

British Highlander Militia

During this week I have rebased some Highlanders that I will use as newly raised militia during the AWI. I Don´t know if they used tartans but I like the minis and I wanted them to look as real Scottish Highlanders.

They will soon see some action then the Americans are invading Canada as Lieutenant-Colonel Allan MacLean was authorized to rais a regiment from the Scottish communities in Canada, New York and the Carolinas. Later named 84th Regiment of Foot, Royal Highland Emigrants

They will ofcourse alsoe see action at the Battle of Moore´s Creek Bridge and hopfully win the day by a Highland Charge...

Most of the minis have been painted by my friend Jester a couple of years agoe for some Jacobite rebelion skirmish gaming, but now they have emigrated to America...


  1. Very nice looking figure, very well painted.

  2. The tartan pattern looks very effective and nicely based as well.