Tuesday, October 18, 2011


I have had a chanse to try out the new Dark Ages skirmish game SAGA. Here are a short AAR and some pictures...

We only had minis for two 3 point armys, but it worked out fine anyway. I commanded the Vikings and my friend Andy commanded the Anglo-Danish.

OOB Anglo-Danish Warband
1x Thegn warlord “Knut the Dane” with a Two handed axe
1x4 Huscarls with Two handed axes
1x4 Huscarls
1x12 Levys

OOB Viking Warband
1x Jarl ”Eirik the Viking”
1x4 Hird
1x4 Berserks
1x8 Bondi


The Anglo-Danish huscarls with two handed axes charged the Viking hirdmen...and was killed to the last men...

Knut the Dane had to take care of business him self...

If you are a warloard it´s good to have some comrades around that can be sacrifice if the Warloard recives to many wonds...

Thanks to the supporting Hirdmen Eirik managed to deffeated Knut and won a costly victory, lose all his Hird, Bersearks and half the Bondis...

Was a nice game and I suppouse it will be even funniet then you learn to use all the Battleboard opptions in the right way.


  1. Game looked and sounded good and you don't need a massive amount of figures, would you recommend them?

  2. Wouls i recomend them... Not yet...I will have to order them first so I can read them and try them out some more, BUT based only on one game I think they got a realy good potential, so in the end I will probably recomend them;)

  3. lovely figs and terrain as always mate. Looking forward to hearing more of your thoughts on SAGA in due course.

  4. I have a copy, but still need to test it. Will follow your opinions.


  5. The game SAGA looks interesting. Heard good things about it but don’t know that much really.
    Keep us updated, I think it looks promesing.
    Thanks for posting.

  6. Very good report. The game looks great with really nice troops and the table layout looks fantastic.

  7. Thx for the report. Lovely pictures. That SAGA sure is popular these days. Think I will get a copy as I like the skirmish concept.


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