Sunday, May 6, 2012

Welsh for SAGA

I have just started to paint on my 2nd commission at the moment, that is a 4 point Welsh warband for SAGA.

It will in the end be
1 Warlord...of course;)
1 point of Heathguard
3 points of Warriors

All minis from Gripping Beast with the occational LBM transfer mixed up with my handpainted shields. The first minis to be painted was a group of 8 Warriors.


  1. Absolutely excellent!!! Very impressed with these guys.

  2. Very nicely done. Really like the basing on the figs too

  3. A great painting work. Very nice.

    Best regards.

  4. They are quite pretty!!

    I have a doubt about SAGA. Is it posible to use square bases instead of the rounds?

    I´m thinking about start with this game but I want to re-use the miniatures with other "square bases" games, and i don´t know if it´s possible.

    Regards from Spain!

    1. Hi

      It´s absolutely possible to use 20x20mm square bases, the author of the rules uses 20x20 square bases for he´s armies, but in the GB SAGA blisters you get 25mm round ones, most of my fellow games uses 30mm round bases, and some 25mm round ones, it dosent realy matters.

      Good luck with the SAGA gaming:9

      Best regards Michael

    2. ok.

      I think i´m going to use the square ones from Renedra.

      Thanks for your answer.

  5. As always you miniaturers is stuning.... :)