Saturday, September 28, 2013

A Very Moderate Swedish Conflict AAR #8

Here comes a short AAR from our latest "A Very Moderate Swedish Conflict" game. This time both the Red and the White wanted to snatch a convoy with blackmarket goods...

We played it out on a 180x120 table with 300ish point forces


White side: Stötgrupp KNÖS

Leader: Lieutenant Von Oben accompanied by Nurse Sigrid

2x6 Regulars with rifles and a Automatic Rifle

1x Regular Armored Car with 2 crew and a LMG

1x8 Militia witn Rifles and grenades "TöLP, Group Berzelius"

Red Side: Gruvettan, miner union militia

Leader: Supervisor Göransson (as the Chairmen Engelbrektsson still are in captivity...) bringing the union banner today to rais the moral.

3x6 Milita with Rifles and grenades

1x4 Militia with a Light Mortar

1x Loyd Carrier with 2 crew and a A-T rifle

and of course also the "Civilians"

Leader: Shopkeeper Sjökvst

2 Lorries with Drivers and one extra rifle armed guard.

The Lorries rushed forward along the dusti road as the Gruvettan Milita tried to inteceapt and set up a road block...

Also the Stossgruppe KNÖS advanced swift through the Swedish contry side making god use of what ever cover that was provided...

The Lorries that was loaded with goods for the blackmarket slowely keept going, hoping to escape the approacing villians...

The Civilians only have 2 actions each turn compared to the militia and regulars that have 4 actions each turn.

Lookout!!! Pigs on the road !!!  Was it a keen plan by the miners from Gruvettan to get the Lorries to stop...

The first group of miners had reached the stone wall that was a very good cover for the comming assault...

Like lightning tha White sides armored car emerged and opening fire on the closest of the Lorrys...

All the miners was in good positions along the road to try to stop the Lorries

The minirs was prepering some dynamite to get the Lorries to stop...

Sjökvsten urged his drivers to put the pedal in the metal and save his "Bröloppskonfekt" that hi had manage to get for the lovely Miss Elvira at brokiosken...

The armored car closing in, but the LMG fire coulden´t stop the Lorries...

Gruvettan opened fire with the A-T Rifle on the Loyd Carrier as well as the Miners tried to stop them with dynamite...

One last shot with the A-T Rifle as the first Lorrie passed by... The White sides troops had now managed to advance close by and started to shoot at the Red miners as well as the lorries...

That last A-T rifle shot set the Lorry on fire, Sjökvst merely managed to get out...

Intense action with a butning lorrie, a sobbing Sjökvsten and both white and red that want to save whats left of the Lorrys cargo...

The other lorry also have come to a halt by combined dynamite and LMG fire, one of the white groups swiftley claim the lorrie as theirs...

The pigs dosen´t even seems to bother... the miners decid that they will try to recapture the Lorrie...

Mid game situation...

Sjökvsten tries to escape by a intense firefight take place...

A small group of miners running to the Lorry to get some of the gods...

But by a white counter attack in force they managed to chase of the miners and also save some boxes of Lucky Strikes...

To cover their retreat the Miners light mortar placed some Smoke rounds inbetween...

The rest of the miners that was trying to capture the other Lorrie got caught in a crossfire by the whits armored car and the troops guarding the lorry...

The white milita even managed to capture the Shopkeeper Sjökvsten...

The Red force decided that it was better to fight anotherday...

We had a realy good game this time, most of the rules worked fine and I think we are on the right track:)


  1. It is a great report. I like the idea of using the ATR to stop a truck.

    1. Thanks !

      Yes, they thought it was better to use the ATR then the Heavy Flamer;)

      Best regards Michael

  2. A great work with beautiful pictures, once again!

  3. Great AAR and teh table is amazingly good as always

  4. Great stuff as usual sir - love those trucks!

  5. The new trucks look great! I was rooting for the pigs when the Lucky Strikes went up in flames. ;-)

    1. Thanks monty !!!

      I learnd a new word to "rooting" and I suppose its the US sense of the word you refere to and not the Austrailian;)

      Best regards Michael

  6. With all that shooting, one would think they were trying to destroy the black market goods instead of capturing them. Great AAR

    1. Appreciated !

      Some one talked about geting a telephone pole in the way , but I suppouse they forgott then the shooting started...

      Best regards Michael

  7. A very interesting scenario by the looks of it. Thanks for sharing!

    Cheers, SG

  8. Fantastic report Michael! Lovely photos as always!

  9. Great game report, just goes to show what can be achieved with such a simple scenario... Excellent.

  10. Oh and one question, what Scale are the Die cast trucks? 1:48,1:50?

    1. I´m not realy sure as there are no scale stated on the trucks. they are absolutely smaller then the 1:43 truck that I have switched them for. 1:50 or 1:56 probably are a good guess.

      Best regards Michael

  11. Superb report, painting, terrain and photography Michael.
    The trucks look great, I have just been painting a couple up for myself for my WW1 collection along with some other die cast vehicles for my modern stuff.

    1. Thank you very much Pat !

      Do you have any input on the scale ?

      Best regards Michael

  12. Thank you very much for all appreciated comments!

    There will be some more AAR´s comming up as at the moment we manage to play almost each week.

    I hope you all will have a good week.

    Best regards Michael

  13. Very nice AAR Michael!

    "Too bad" I wasn't able to attend though ... ;)

  14. Another very nice AAR. Your table and figures are fantastic!

  15. Great report once again. I really lite your Moderate Conflict.


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