Sunday, January 26, 2014

Donnybrook, Skirmish rules 1660-1760

Yes indeed last friday I got my self a copy of the latest League of Augsburg rules Donnybrook, even as the postage was quite hefty £11.50 I decided that i realy got to have a copy to try out for our Scanian War "Snapphanes style" project. I was NOT dissapointed :)

The Donnybrook book are a real wargaming gem regarding the layout and production, 110 pages and 180ish photos all i full colour, very well presented and a real joy to read. Clerance Harrison have done a greate jobb with the layout as well as the basic rules system as it seems!

I have not had a chanse to test the rules yet, first game planed for tomorrow, but as one have read and played quite much wargaming rules during the 30ish years I been wargaming one could at least have a feel...and the feel are indeed very, very good:)

Donnybrook seems like a realy fast paced skirmish game that uses a card driven turn system, one card for each unit and hero.

The units are 3-12 minis depending how the player want to group them before the game. A basic force have 13-49 minis, all get a Hero to lead the force for free the remaining minis are bought in groups and for a basic force you have 4 point to spend…SAGA any one…

1 point will give you 12 foot or 9 mounted Recruits OR 8 foot or 6 mounted Drilled OR 4 foot or 3 mounted Elit minis, you don’t have to field them in the groups you buy then as long as all minis in a fielded group are of the same Experience Level and on foot or mounted.

One really nice touch are the use of the dice most often seen in RPG´s D4, D6, D8, D10 and D12 to show the different experience levels, you most often need to roll 6 or higher to achive your task like hit a target, the list of modifiers are, to my liking, very short.

The Donnybrook rules also include a bunch of different factions and plenty of suggested theaters to set your games. Unfortunally not the Scanian War 1675-79 but that is not a big deal as the rules are so “free” there should be no problem to get done myself, and of course my work with them have already begun…

I´m realy looking forward to try Donnybrook out and I´ll be sure to let you know how it all turned out...

If you cant´t wait and want you copy now! it seems like LoA still have the disscounted prisce, but be aware of the postage...

EDIT 2014-01-28: I mailed Warfare Miniatures and asked about the postage cost, they have now adjusted it and to Sweden its now £6.60 and thats much better:) You can read more about the postage cost at the LoA forum. By the way the disscounte introduction price are ended and the Cost of the Donnybrook rules are now £27.


  1. A great review, looks like I will be adding this to my collection

  2. £7.95 minimum postage in the UK-I can't believe it.£9.95 uk recorded delivery!!I hate to think what you paid for Sweden!
    I think the postage is a rip it by The Royal Mail,L of A or both.

  3. Was really intrigued by the previews given by the author. Actual postage, though, has deterred me from ordering. Cannot imagine what's the deal here, checked some rates, and they are definitely not THAT high. Hopefully the book will be available from retailers as well, then I'd give it a chance.
    Anyway, please keep us posted of how you like the rules. Perhaps add a comparison with other sets you've tried? Would be highly appreciated!

    Cheers, SG

  4. Very nice review. Not really my period but nonetheless interesting.

  5. £7.95 minimum postage is ridiculous!!! My Black Powder rulebooks via Amazon where at the £2.80 postage mark, so unless this is a mammoth tome at three times the size, I can't see how they can justify this?

  6. Thanks for the review. Another good set of skirmish rules sounds great to me!

  7. Glad that you liked my "review" more about the actual rules and if they are as goog as they look when we had our first game.

    Regarding the postage, I might start to be an fractious old man but I still thing the almost 50% of the cost of the book I was charged was a bit high...£11.5... even more when I noticed that the stamps on the letter just stated the cost to be...£7...could have been ok if they included some sample minis...

    Have a realy nice wargaming week !!!

    Best regards Michael

  8. Looks interesting – will be fun to try them out tonight.

    Really don't like the cover though ...

  9. I am very interested in see your first game, with more information about the rulebook. I was thinking to buy it, but that incredible high P&P cost was too much for me.
    Ups, in this moment, it is cheaper...

    Don you think it rulebook can be used for the "Border Reivers"?

    1. Yes, the P&P cost is cheaper now, and they have an "special offer" for the online buyers. Have you seen it in their forum?

  10. I'm intrigued, but think the postage somewhat 'odd'. Might be one to await purchase at a show :-)

  11. Cheers forthe review as I am thinking about getting these

  12. The size and period of this game looks interesting. I would love it if you could post an AAR so we can get a feel for how a game flows. And your impression of the mechanics of the game, of course. Thanks!