Monday, April 25, 2016

FireForge Medieval Russian Reinforcements

At Salute I got some of the latest Fire Forge resin cast for their Medieval Russian range.

FFG - 140 Alexander Nevsky
FFG - 141 Russian Infantry Command
FFG - 152 Chernyeklobuki Command (Black Hoods) 
FFG - 153 Chernyeklobuki with Bows (Black Hoods)
FFG - 154 Chernyeklobuki with Lances (Black Hoods) 

Very nice sculpt minis and I´m most impressed of the resin banner that was included in the Infantry Command, we will see how hard they are to paint...

Now I eagerly awaits the release of the Plastic Russian soldiers that should be here during the summer I hope.

Below are some close-ups of the minis in each pack:

FFG - 140 Alexander Nevsky


  1. Those figures are lovely great detail especially on the banners - exquisite. Looking forward to seeing them all painted up.

  2. They look very nice and I'm sure that you will make a lovely job of them.

  3. Great haul.... looking forward to see them painted!

  4. I had a look at their range at the show as well, they're beautifully sculpted and look even better in the flesh.....or should that be resin?

  5. Are there any advantages or disadvantages to them being resin rather than the usual plastic or metal do you think?

    1. I would have prefered them in plastic due to the cost of the mini, but I suppouse resin are more cost effective for the manufacturor. I like resin as it is lighter than metal, some say they are more fragile in resin, but I have, bu accident, droped some of them on the floor and they are still in one piece. The resin they are casted in are quite soft so it is possible to work on them with a hobby knive.

  6. Fantastic looking figures!


  7. They do look very nice Michael. The banners look great!

  8. They look awesome. A pity they are in resin and not plastic tough. Also, the truly awesome relief shelds and banners can be seen as a negative since I am a bad painter and I might use them for a project wich require me free-handing completey different coats of arms.

    Nevertheless cool minis and I look forward to what you will do with them... More Russians for your Baltic crusade I think?

  9. Nice to see somebody making good looking banners....although they will need a strong pole to carry them

  10. Nice looking figures. Will be interested in your view on the material used (I've had real issues with resin in the past).


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