Wednesday, April 5, 2017

WIP - Terrain for the "Fort Mosquito" game at salute 2017

Jan are doing a massive work on the terrain build to get us a nice gaming board for our The Pikeman´s Lament demo game "Fort Mosquito" at Salute. The game will revolve around New Sweden, the Swedish colony establiched in Delaware in America in the middle of the 17th Century.

As we focus on Fort Mosquito, that was one of the Swedish forts built to secire the naval trafic on the Delaware river, we decided to rebuild the terrain board from our Salute game last year, Foteviken 1134.

Here follows some pictures of jans work with the terrain board, Fort Mosquito and the Ship "Kalmar Nyckel".

Kalmar Nyckel have a intresting story as it was one of the two ship used for the first Swedish expeditions to America. Kalmar Nyckel was bought from the Dutch in Amsterdam, and was used during four vouages between Sweden and New Sweden. It was later sold back to the Dutch, that also used it to Sail to the New Amsterdam colony (New York) and it was also one of the Dutch ships that participated in the attack and capture of the New Sweden colony by the Dutch in 1655.

Without Jan´s extensive work on the terrain there would be no demo games at all for me at Salute, So a big big thanks to Jan for building stunning terrain and luring me in to the Salute bussiness :) 



  1. Love it! Great to see the stages of development, leading to a fantastic table. Nya Sverige is a period that fascinates me.

  2. Impressive, I totally love it! Really a shame not attending at Salute this year

  3. My goodness that is an impressive build!

  4. Looking forward to seeing the game!

  5. All I can say is, "Wow!" I'm looking forward to seeing the project completed and pics of the game at Salute. This is very impressive.

  6. Outstanding! That fort and the ship are looking TOP NOTCH!!!

  7. Wow! Can't wait to see that in all its glory!

  8. Beautiful! It will be epic I'm sure. /Mattias

  9. Looks great already, can't wait to see it at salute, I guess you'll be out shopping again so I'll just talk to Jan again!
    Best Iain

    1. Thanks !

      As last year I'll try to run of as soon as Insee you approach out table ;)

      Looking forward to see you this year :)

  10. Real talent and quality build 😀

  11. Oh my! This is a work of art, love to see how this good stuff comes together.

  12. just got the WSS 97 with the scenario.
    Question to order of battle:

    2. New Sweden Garrison – 16 points
    • Officer: Vice Governor SvenSkute (trait: careless)
    • 1 Pike @ 4 points
    • 1 Regimental Gun @ 4 points

    I count only 8 points.
    So the summary is wrong or the number of units, and if, which types and numbers of units are missing?

    1. Ím sorry, but it seems like 2 units has deserted during the layout of the magazine, the New Sweden Garrison should also included 2x Shot @ 4 points each.

      Should have been like this:
      2. New Sweden Garrison - 16 points
      * Officer: vice Govenor Sven Skute (trait: careless)
      * 2 Shot @ 4 points each
      * 1 Pike @ 4 points
      * 1 Regimental Gun @ 4 points