Thursday, November 16, 2017

Stäket 1719 at Salute 2018

Almost 300 years ago Sweden and Russia fought one of the last battles of the Great Northern War at Stäket or Baggensstäket about 15km from the Swedish capital Stockholm. During the Summer of 1719 a Russian Galley fleet of about 135 ships and 25000 men had plundered along the Swedish coast and in mid august they tried to reach the Swedish Capital by the old southern waterway throught the Stockholm archipelago.

Planned Swedish Defencne
Fortunate the Swedes sunk several old ships to block the fairway as well as they had started to build fortifications to protect the blockings. On August 13, 1719 the Russians landed some 2000 troops on each side of the narrow waterway.

Map of the Battle from the Swedish reports
The Russian Troops on the North side was bombarded by 4 Swedish galleys as they approached the blockings, aswell as they got reports that Swedish reinforcements was on their way.

On the South side the Russians encountered a filed fortification defended by parts of the Östgöta Tremänningsregiment as well as the Södermanlands Regiment that in the nick of time arrived to the area. Fierce fighting erupted as the dusk set in...

How it all ends you can see when we play it all out at Salute 2018 in our game Battle at Stäket 1719.

Please have a look at the short re-enactment film of the Battle at Stäket 1719 below.


  1. Hope to be back at salute again next year fingers crossed 🙂

  2. Cool video, like watching a film

  3. Great background information Michael and the short film is really useful to watch. Looking forward to meeting you all again next year.

    1. Thanks matey !

      Appreciate you help very much, hope you learned some Swedish until next year ;)

      gå på !

  4. Wow, nice vid, good production value. Thanks for sharing.


  5. I'm sorry to miss this (I live on the wrong side of the Atlantic!) Will you be writing up a scenario with orders of battle, a map, etc.?

    Best regards,

    Chris Johnson

    1. Hi Chris

      Indeed I will do, at the moment My focus are on geting Hold of all minis needed :)

    2. Which miniatures are you going to use?

    3. For the Swedes we Will go all in on the exellent swedes from Ebor. Russians are not set yet but probably wargames Factory plastic WSS minis to cut Weight for transport and cost

  6. Very cool! Looking forward to seeing the pictures!

  7. Cracking film with only the odd reenactorism creeping in :-)

  8. RYSSEN KOMMER!!! It seems like a promising table for you next year.

  9. New to me.
    I thought that only one time,
    winter 1808,
    Russian troops to become Swedish soil..

  10. That looks like a great game in the making.Sadly we are giving Salute a miss next year as there are far better shows elsewhere. I also plan to go to Crisis again which imho was better this year than Salute. Better value for money.
    Anyway, I am looking forward to reading all about the game and seeing your photos.