Wednesday, March 14, 2018

1st Batalion Södermanands regiment 1719

1st batalion of the Swedish Södermanlands Regiment finished for our salute 2018 demo game, Battle of Stäket 1719. Jesper are in the progress of painting the 2nd batalion.

The batalion are composed of 1x6 Forlorn Hope (command and colour platoon) and 4x12 Shot (musketeer companies) in total 54 minis.

All minis from Ebor Miniatures.


  1. Those are lovely. Can't wait to see them at Salute:)

  2. Now don't they look great. Excellent work.

  3. Wonderful looking troops Micheal!


  4. May I ask how you go about activating such a large unit with a reasonable chance of them all acting as, well a UNIT? I love these rules and your figures.

    1. Thanks ! glad you liked the rules. Not sure about your question? its 5 units that all need to be activated one at the time, but to increase the possibility to be able to activate them all I would see to have them within 12" of the commander so they get +1 on the activation roll.

  5. Sorry to be so late to the party - I have only just found your blog recently - and also just become interested in the GNW this year! These are beautiful work - the Sodermannland Regiment was my first Ebor Swedish unit - I have since painted 9 more and busy working on number 11 -all the excellent Ebor figures. I am now awaiting the arrival of 60 Swedish cavalry troopers!