Monday, May 21, 2018

AT-AT, Shield generator and some gaming

Have been much Star Wars Legion lately... both I and my son David really like the game and he have been asking for a AT-AT... so for his 9-year birthday last week I got him a Revell Easy-kit 1:53 AT-AT and made a custom unit card so he could use it in our games. He built it by him self  and I helped him painting a bit. 

I have also made mu take on the "chewing gum" Shield Generator :)

Below a bunch of pictures from my and Davids first outing of the AT-AT in a Star Wars Legion game. He fielded the AT-AT, a AT-ST, 2 units of Storm Troopers and a unit of "Snowtroopers" and I had Luke Skywalker, 2 AT-RT with Las Cannon, an Airspeeder and 3 units of Rebell infantry.

The AT-AT worked quite balansed, need more games to know for sure, but we had a very fun and intense game that ended in a draw I suppouse as both the Empire and the Rebells claimed victory...

The rebells had just performed a sucessfull rain on the Empire base as the Empire reinforcements arrive...

We mesured all movement etc. from the right fot of the AT-AT :)

The AT-RT with Las cannon had a hard time damageing the hard hided AT-AT

With a light saber you can save the day...

Was really good to have a ground buzzer on the back of the Airspeeder taking pot-shotts at the Empire infantry while using the Laser Cannons hunt the big-games...


  1. The Red defensive surge is probably to much, specially with the amount of health its got.

  2. Might indeed be too good, guess more play test Will tell. I chose it due to this quote :)

    ”They're the most heavily armored ground vehicles in the Imperial Army."

    " what you're saying is that you have a thorough knowledge of just how screwed we are.

    IThane Kyrell and Yendor, just before the Battle of Hoth

  3. Excellent looking stuff Michael!

  4. Lovely looking game and nice to see you playing more games with your son:)

  5. It just looks brilliant Michael!

  6. Great stuff. Looks excellent.