Wednesday, June 8, 2022

Slaine . miniature game


Tried not to but… then just had to have The new 2000AD starterbox From warlord games Slaine - Kiss my Axe! I have the Strontium dog and the Judge Dread boxes and like the rules so i guess it was a no brainer… 

I like the look of the minis just wish They wasn´t casted in Warlord resine, it is a ok material as long as it isn´t thin parts like Spears, swords etc… They are to wobbely and the paint won’t sit in place when the parts bend. So i removed the Spears and axes where it was possible and put in plastic ones. 

Below pictures of the minis from the starter box and the drune warrior box.

The Druide hut in tha last picture are from the Hate! Kickstarter.

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