Sunday, November 13, 2022

Zone Wars - Mutant Year Zero Skirmish Wargaming

Mutant was my favourite RPG back in the 80´s and I have sins then keept a keen interest following the different releases of the Swedish RPG, also published in English in reacent years.

Now a dream have come true by Free Leauges new Kickstarter turning the Mutant Year Zero RPG in to a Skirmish wargame - Zone Wars, designed by renowed game designer Andy Chambers (Necromunda, Warhammer Fantasy Battle, Strontium Dog, Slaine etc).

I have tested the Alpha rules, that are possible to download from the kickstarter page, and I really like the rules, fast and entertaining, inspired by Strontium Dog, Judge Dread and Slain but with a big portion of Mutant Year Zero. 

I hope you all join in on the kickstarter :)

Below a bunch of pictures from the kickstarter page.

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