Wednesday, August 24, 2016

LEGO Speed Champions, Rules and AAR

LEGO Speed Champions 

David my 7-year old son have started to collect the LEGO Speed Champions cars and asked me if we could race. Of course I answered, but we need rules:)

So here follows our quick rules for our LEGO Speed Champions games:

We used ordinary LEGO road to build our racing track. In the middle of the road you can see white lines, each of them are one step of movement.

When we play we let two cars meet in each heat, a heat can be 1 to 3 laps around the race track. A heat is divided in turns and in each turn the players roll 2D6 to see how many steps his car may move. The car that is in the lead or on the inner track always moves first.

If you at any time roll two 6´s, your engine have been pushed over the limit and are damaged, this move you only move half (rounded up).Each turn from now on you are only allowed to roll 1D6 as your engine are damaged until the end of this heat.

NITRO – All cars have a NITRO-boost that they can use only once during a heat. If used the player roll one (1) additional D6 for movement during that turn i.e. normally 3D6, increasing his move but also increase the chance to blow the car engine if two 6´s would be rolled. You can use your NITRO-Boost even if your car engine are damaged but then you only roll 2D6 that turn.

The winner are the car that first crosses the finishing line after the decide number of laps have been done. If several cars crosses the finishing line in the same turn the winner are the car that rolled the highest move in that turn. Remember that if you were unlucky enough to roll two 6´s you only count half of your total to decide the winner.

Here follows a short AAR from a 2 laps Heat of LEGO Speed Champions that I and David played using our rules abow.

David was using the Ford Mustang GT, his latest purchase.

I was using a old school 1969 Chevrolet Camaro with a well tuned engine;)

The race track that we would run two laps. each lap are 28 movement steps (withe lines in the middle of the track).

Both drivers are ready for the start...

...and the light goes green...

Turn 1: David roll 7 and move his Mustang 7 steps, I roll 8 and move my Camaro 8 steps and gor a small lead in the heat...

With high speed and screeming tiresboth cars are going through the first curve on

Turn 2: David roll 10 and I roll 6 so David now take the lead...

Turn 3: David roll 8 and I must have got a bad skid in the curv as I only managed to roll 2...

As I now was way behind David I decided to use my NITRO-Booast... rolling 3D6 for my move :)

Turn 4: David roll 5 and I managed to roll 18 !!! blowing my engine up in the progress but was still allowed to move half, i.e 9 steps this turn... and from now on only use 1D6 for my moves :(

Turn 5: David roll 6 and I roll 2...

As I during the secon lap only was allowed to roll 1D6 David was up for a easy win moving 21 steps during turn 6 and 7 while I only anaged to move 11 steps with my damaged car.

Turn 8: Dvid roll 9 and was crossing the finnishing line and I rolled a 6 and was long from winning...

The Heat ended after 2 laps.

David was the true winner of the LEGO Speed Champions of today.

Tomorrow I will have my revenge, just have to fix my car first...

Tuesday, August 23, 2016

New Colours for my napoleonic Russians

I just detected that I have given my Russian Sievska Infantry to old Coloures, the ones from 1797...Couldent have it as that as they got new Colours in 1803 as well as a new coloure on the flag staves from March 1807... so if I got it more or less right they now should have brownish colour on the staves.

I got the info and the colours from the Napflag site.

Saturday, August 20, 2016

Missing Viking Heroes in WSS-85

It seems like 2 of my Viking Heroes got missing in my Draugar article in WSS-85 with senarios for the Blood Eagle rules. It should be 7 of them but only stats for 5 made it to the ship for the printed edition.

The Heroes missing the ship was Jarl Rangnvalds two brothers, so are the stats for them and a bunch of pictures of the 7 viking heroes protecting the King outside his hous against the again-walker hoard of the Draugrdrottin. The scenarios you can find in Wargames Soldier and Strategy Issue-85