Sunday, April 19, 2015

WIP Boats for Stockholm 1392

My matey Jan that are building the stunning terrain for our Salute 2015 game Stockholm 1392 - "God's Friends and the Whole World's Enemies" have also made some boat hulls for smaler boats to the Stockholm harbour using some kind of vacuum pres.

The ones below have Jan kited, and I and Jesper, from the club here in Stockholm that will join in to run the game at Salute, have also go a coupple of them to kit and paint for the game...more pictures of them later on

The Coge on the last picture are a Zvezda one that Jan have build.

I hope you come by our table at Salute if you have the time:)

Thursday, April 16, 2015

Got a Lion Rampant article in WSS 78 :)

I hope you will get a copy of the Wargames Soldiers and Strategy issu 78 that is due to be realeased 1st may 2015 that include an Lion Rampant article of mine "Philippa of England, Queen of the North - Warrior queen of Kalmar" a article I just had to write to give you the Swedish/Nordic connection to the Battle of Agincourt ;)

It will be a Historical re-cap and 2 Lion Rampant scenarios, but you will with ease be able to play them with otherer rules to.

From the latest issu info about the articles:

Theme: "Philippa of England, Queen of the North - Warrior queen of Kalmar" Philippa was born to Henry Bolingbroke, better known as King Henry IV of England, and his wife Mary de Bohun at Peterborough Castle on 4 June 1394. She was the younger sister of the future Henry V, victor of Agincourt. Known as Philippa of Lancaster, she was the Queen of Denmark, Sweden, and Norway from 1406 to 1430. She was consort to Erik of Pomerania, who ruled the three kingdoms of the Kalmar Union. Queen Philippa served as the de facto regent of Sweden in 1420 and the regent of Denmark and Norway from 1423 to 1425.

You can order your copy of the magazine here :)

Please also give my matey Pål your recognition because he helped me out with the exellent foto´s for the article, I´ll be sure to post more of the ones not in the magazine here later on !

Monday, April 13, 2015

Hoasts for the Stockholm 1392 game at Salute 2015

Here are some pictures of the 4 Hoasts that you will be able to comman during our Stockholm 1392 - "God's Friends and the Whole World's Enemies" participation game at Salute 2015.

The rules we will use are Lion Rampant and there will be 4 hoastes; 2 Mecklenburg/Germans and 2 Swedish.

Each hoast will have a Leader and 2 groups of 6 minis. Yes we will run the game with half sized hoasts to speed it all up and ease the movement with in the town model.

First we have the Mecklenburg/German Leaders and their Hoasts:

Herbert Königsmark, Mecklenburg Knight and Captain at Stockholm Castle

1x6 Vitalian Brothers and other Mecklenburg Mercenarys (Expert Foot Serjants)

1x6 Vitalian Brothers and other Mecklenburg Mercenarys (Crossbowmen)

Alf Grenerot, German Mayor of Stockholm 

2x6 Vitalian Brothers and town ruffians (Ferocious foot)

To fight for freedom we have the Swedish Leaders and their hoasts:

Berthold Bruhn, Swedish Mayor of Stockholm

2x6 Swedish City Guard and rallied Burgers (Foot Yeomen with mixed weapons) 

Jöns Djekn, Swedish Town Council Member

2x6 Swedish City Guard and rallied Burgers (Foot Yeomen with mixed weapons)

I also made some unitcars to ease the gaming fot the players, of course they have a small QRS on the back;)

So if you fancy a game please come to table GL05 at Salute 2015 :)

Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Håtunaleken, Lion Rampant, AAR #7 and #8

Last weekend I and some of my club mateys continued our Lion Rampant campaign, the Swedish Games of Throne, "Håtunaleken" Håtuna-Games. We even managed to run 2 games, game #7 and #8 in the campaingn :)

Game #7
Autum year 1301, harvest have just been finnished and there are time to collect the taxes...

We run Scenario I: A Taxing Afternoon from the Lion Rampant rules, we didn´t have any major changes, but a unit would be able to collect more than one taxtocken, and the hoast collecting them would get the Glory and not his allys to, But all retinues on the winning side woulr earn 2 extra Glory. It was all played on a 120x120cm table.


The Rebell Brothers: 

House of Bjälbo (Erik), Bottom
1x6 Foot Knights @ 6pts
1x6 Mounted Crossbow @ 4pts
1x6 Bidowers @ 2pts

House of Roos, Left
1x12 Expert Foot Serjants @ 6pts
1x12 Expert Archers @ 6pts

The Kings men:

House of Bjälbo (King Birger), Right
1x6 Mounted Knights, Drilled @ 7pts
1x12 Foot Serjants @ 4pts

House of Ulvåsa, Top
1x6 Mounted Knights, Drilled @ 7pts
1x12 Foot Yeomen with Mixed weapons @ 5pts

Tax tockens, 3 wagons and 3 heards of pigs was placed in the small village just waiting to be collected...

...and of they go, arriving from all directions the poos people of the willage could not save any of their harvest of heards...

As the Kings men had performed bad lately...the King had decided to overlook the Tax collection in persone....

The Kings Brother Erik also wanted his fair share of the taxes... sending his swift mounted crossbowmen in to the village and the beer wagon...

Women and children was running away from the approaching soldiers... The foot serjants from the House of Roos quickley snatched a wagon with flour...

The Rebells was the first to secure the village looting several of the houses and taking what not belong to them...

As the rebells pillageing the village the Ulvåsa Knights charges along the main road...

The Kings knights thought it was a good ideea to ride around amongst the barns...

The remaining Ulvåsa Knights chasing the rebells that still had the Beer wagon in their possetion...

On the other side of the village the two brothers King Birger and Duke Erik hade meet up in a fight amongst brothers...

i´m the King ! ...NO i´m the King ! ...NO NO i´m the true King !!! ...

quarrel amongst brothers... ended in single combat...and King Birger had to see himself be humiliated by his younger brother... you are still not the true King ! he shouted as his bodyguard brought him to safety...

The Kings Knights would try to save the day...

...but was a moment later shoot to pieces by the House of Roos Archers...

It once again all ended in disaster for the Kings men... Earning his rebell brother Erik 10 Glory and the House of Roos 5 Glory...

Game #8
After the rebells had collected greate amounts of the Kings Tax they had to transport it to safety...but the King was filed with anger and wanted revenge...   Scenario G: The Convoy from the Lion Rampant rules.


The Rebell Brothers: 

House of Bjälbo (Erik), Left
1x6 Foot Knights @ 6pts
1x6 Mounted Crossbow @ 4pts
1x6 Bidowers @ 2pts

House of Roos, Left top
1x6 Mounted Knights @ 6pts
1x12 Foot Serjants @ 4pts
1x6 Bidowers @ 2pts

The Kings men:

House of Bjälbo (King Birger), Right
1x6 Mounted Knights, @ 6pts
1x12 Foot Serjants @ 4pts
1x6 Bidowers @ 2pts

House of Ulvåsa, Top and Bottom
2x12 Foot Yeomen with Mixed weapons @ 5pts
1x6 Bidowers @ 2pts

The Kings new knights not that drilled this time...

The Kings men comes from all direction and will try to retrieve the taxes lost...

Ambushing allmoge fighting for the true King... The Rebells send out some bidovers to screen the convoy...

Rebell convoy... hesitating as there are a lot of the Kings men in the path...

The King holds back his knight and await the conwoy to approach...

The cunning rebells sends the convoy on an alternate rout...

...but in no vain as the Kings allmoge seems to have been practiseing shooting...

It all ends with the Conwoy captured by the Kings men and the rebells fleeing in to the forest to be able to fight anotherday...

5 Glory to the King as well as the House of Ulvåsa :)

Below you can find the Glory count so far in our campaign after 8 games.

Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Medieval Crossbowmen

I have built med 6 Crossbowmen with pavises, 6 more will come so I will have a full unit of 12 for Lion Rampant.

I built them from Fire Forge Foot Serjants, Foot Knights and the Pavises are from the Perry Mercenary box

Monday, March 30, 2015

Stockholm 1392, Extras #1

During the last week I been working on some extra stuff for our Salute participation game. You can find us at Table GL05.

In front some Pavises to be used to mark objectives for each fraction, so I painted one shiled with the specific leades CoA and the other with the national allegiance.

Then you have 3 Swedish Burghers that have spent some days in the castle dungeons and are now convicted traitors by the Germans and will be transported to the main square to be burn at the stake...

...the stake I built using balsa wood and painted it so it would look a bit like Swdeish Birch as that gave more of a Swedish flavour to the stake and also Birch burn very good if dry...

And some pictures from a 15mm medieval Kalmar Union War game that I particiapted in the other night, got me a cold beer too with a Vitalian Brotherhod connection:)