Thursday, October 2, 2014

Perry WIP "Swedish Onion Kettle Hat"

As you sure know by now Perry Miniatures have refered to may blog in their latest Plastic box with Foot Knights, and I and my friends at Northerns Wargaming had the honoure to give some advice for the new Plastic Light cavalry bix that Michel Perry are working on, regarding the Helmets and CoA/Banners Swedish/Danish for the Kalmar Union era.

Michael was kind enought to sculpt a special Swedish head in the typical "Onion shaped kettle hat with eye slits" seen on the Dolnstein drawings and I got a picture of it from him this morning, not to be seen elsewhere;)  Thanks Michael, very appreciated !

So now we just have to sit tight and waite for the box to arriwe and we can get us some Swedish Mounted "Svenner" and "Skyttar"´s a long wait... according to Michel Perry: "We can't really say as it's down to fitting into Renedra's schedule, but should be early next year. Same horses as before. Yes, 4 bodies, 12 new heads (3 kettle hats per sprue) arms to equip whole box as mounted crossbow or mounted archers or hobilers. Plus a few extras, separate sallet, trumpet arm and sword arm. "

Here are more pics of the 'light cavalry' for the 1450-1500 period. Not all of the bits are shown here but they give you an idea of what is coming, i.e., the choice of mounted crossbow, mounted archers and hobilars/coustiliers plus one or two extra bits. 

There will be 12 new heads, although a couple of them look very similar in style to the previous ones, including a couple of particularly Germanic, Italian, Swiss and Swedish looking ones. 

There is no release date yet but the greens are 99.9 per cent finished and will be heading Renedra's way very soon.

Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Perry Plastic Foot Knights 1450-1500...

As you sure know the Perry plastic Foot Knights 1450-1500 are out, I haven´t bought any of them as I really didn´t know how to get use of 38 fullplate Knight on foot up in Scandinavia during the 15th centery...

But in the end I got a few sprues of them from my friends at Northern Wargaming that also pointed out that the Perrys had included some Kalmar Union Flags and Livres on the information Sheet, glad that the Perrys help us to spread the Kalmar Union word. We now officialy are a part of History;)

After some further look on the information sheet in the box we noticed that the Perrys had refered to my blog for more info about the Scandinavian conflicts in the 15th century !!! 

I´m most honoured and it was quite a surprise to me, but a most wellcome one. The Perrys evidently visit my blog from time to time, big recognition to my work and made me very happy:)

Thursday, September 25, 2014

Medieval Danish Hoast for Lion Rampant #5

Slow progress I know and as Lion Rampant officially was released last saturday I haven´t managed to hold my deadline, but almost al least:)

So here are the 6 Archers that will be used as a group of Bidowers or grouped together with the 6 Archers already painted in to a Bowmen unit.

Now there are only 5 foot serjants left to finish the Medieval Danish Hoast.

All minis are Perry plastic.

Saturday, September 13, 2014

Lion Rampant at my doorstep :)

At last did I get my pre copy of Lion Rampant, was at my doorstep yesterday.

Sins I been involved in the rulse for about two years it was a magic moment to look through the book and see what of my contributions made it to the final product and see ones name in an Osprey book was splendid:)

A greate deal of my suggestions and Ideeas had made its way in to the rules, as well as 3 of my pictures, thanks Dan, I hope it was to some help !

Still 7 days to the official release and the deadline for my Medieval Danish Hoast for Lion Rampant to be finished...the arrival of the  rulebook might have given me the final inspiration to make the deadline...

I really hope that you who decide to buy and try the Lion Rampant rules by Dan Mersey will find them as easy and amusing as we have when playtesting the game, we even have a game planed for monday evening at the club, will be nice to bring the real product instead of the playtest copys we have used lately.

I hope you all will have a good weekend !

Friday, August 29, 2014

Medieval Danish Hoast for Lion Rampant #4

Less then a month to the release of Lion Rampant rules...if you don´t live in Australia, as there the distributor released the rules a month to early...suppous Osprey was not to happy;)

Anyway I continue my work on the Medieval Danish Hoast for Lion Rampant this time with the remaining minis for a Full unit of Foot Sejants in the CoA of the House of Grubendal. A picture of the full 12 men unit in the end.

Minis from Perry Miniatures and Claymore Castings

Sunday, August 17, 2014

Medieval Danish Hoast for Lion Rampant #3

Some slow progress in my Summer project, with just about one month to the release of the Lion Rampant rules.

This time I completed the second unit of Knights for the Danish Host, 5 new painted ones.The Knights are painted in the House of Thott colours.

In the last picture Herr Thott (Sir Thott)  himself have joined his Riddare and Svenner (Knights and Squirs).

Saturday, August 9, 2014

Swedish summer...

I suppouse you have noticed my few blog posts during the summer, sorry for that and sorry for not have time to comment on your blogs either, real life have taken to much time...

Any way I thought I should share a bunch of pictures from Sweden during the summer, best time of the year here:)

This summer I been up in my home region Darlecarlia for almost 3 weeks, so I and the kids had plenty of time to make excursions. The pictures below are from a trip to two of the "Buan" or "Fäbod" in swedish, not sure of the right english word but seems like Shieling or Seasonal dwelling might be the one?

Back in the days people in the villages took their animals/cattle up to the Seasonal dwelling several miles out in the forest most often in the hills. Still today we have some Seasonal dwellings that have animals/cattle all summer and produce milk, butter and cheese. The ones we visited was Västtjärnslindan established around 1650 and Bastberget that have been in use sins at least 1550, probably much longer.

The first pictures are from Västtjärnslindan:

Traditional Swedish midsummerpole

Making cheese

A newly made cheese, if you look close you can see the House mark for the owner of the cheese

The following pictures are from Bastberget:

A traditional whater well with a shadoof?

Testing the panorama option in my camera;)

Churn? or Mjölkkanna in Swedish

Cheese form

We also got the chanse to visit inside one of the houses as my mother knew the owners.

Table and beds

Haul of the day, some newly made butter and cheese :)