Thursday, April 28, 2011

AAR Sweden vs. Spain TYW

Last week I and Oskar played one more game of Victory Without Quarter, testing some of out housrules for TYW.

This was the first time I played with my Spanish army sins a painted it about 6 month agoe... was very nice to get a chanse to filed them at last... and Oskar played with he´s stunning Swedish army.


1 Commander
3 Sub-commanders
1 Large Tercia
2 Small Tercos
2 Cavalry regiments
2 Dragoon units

1 Commander
2 Sub-commanders
4 Regiments of Foot
4 Regiments of Horse
2 Units of Detached Shoots

Here are some pictures from the game...


  1. Great looking set up and some lovely mini's adorning the tabletop.

    As I've never used the ruleset- how does Victory without quater play?


  2. Thanks Darrell !

    Victory Without Quater plays realy well, it is quite basic (card activation of the units) The rules are realy all you need for a quick and entertaining game of ECW or TYW:)

    If you send a e-mail to Clarence at Quindia Studios he will send you a copy of the rules. You find the adress at:

    Best regards Dalauppror

  3. Great looking game! Really very nice seeing all that pike on the table.


  4. Thanks Dalauppror. I'm already aquanted with clarence through the Loa site. I didn't realised that VWQ were his rules.

    I'll give them a bash when my ECW stuff gets a lick of paint.... hopefully soon! :O)


  5. It's good to see your Spanish army in action. Beautiful game.



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