Monday, April 18, 2011

Plastic Perrys to Look forward to,,,

At Salute 2011 Perrys showed some 3-ups of some plastic kits I realy looking forward to for my 15th centery Kalmar Unuion War project and for my AWI project...just have to wait...

Mounted Men-at-Arms 1450-1500
There will be twelve horsemen (four different bodies/armor types, with bridle arm attached). There will also be a variety of weapons, including couched lance, mace, axe, etc. The horses are in three pieces with interchangeable body halves plus separate horse armor.

American War of Independence British Infantry 1776-81
This will be the first in a series of AWI plastics. American militia and Continentals are also in the pipeline. Only four of the five figures for the infantry sprue are shown here. Formal cocked, half-cocked hats and cut-down 'Saratoga' caps will be included for all in the box.


  1. Aren´t those Perry WotR cavalry georgeous!!!!
    I cant wait until they come out and i hope the expand the plastic range even more.

  2. All the 'three ups' displayed in their cabinet were amazing but the greens of the Late Medieval knights wer just out of this world! If only there was a release date :O)


  3. Those knights are fantastic, but AWI plastic is really what floats my boat!


  4. Cant wait until they will be in production, want them NOW;)