Friday, April 15, 2011

AAR Impetus Medieval Polish vs. Lithuanian

Here are a short AAR from our last Impetus game. We user my Medieval Polish and my Lithuanians.

Matts once again took command over the Polish, but he decided to use the Nobles as Cavalry this time:) Sverre commanded the Lithuanians in he´s first Impetus game.

This time we used a sligthly larger gaming board 90x120cm with a small village, a frozen field and some woods. Both armys was made up of 180 points.

Lithuanian Army
1xCL Lithuanian Nobles(*Fair General)
5xCL Lithuanians
1xFL Spearmen
CS:Average VDT 9/5

Polish Army
1xCM Polish Nobles(*Fair General)
2xCM Polish Knights 1xCL Horse Archers
2xT Archers
1xS Slingers
CS:Poor VDT:13/7

Here are a picture of the set up. The Lithuanians set up to the right and The Polish at the left. The Polish commander concentrated he´s forces on he´s left flank, leaving only some poor slingers to defend the right flank...was it a trap???

The Lithuanian commander deployed all he´s light horses in a straight line across the field, with the spearmen to protect the right flank and a order to sack the small village...

The Polish forces...exccept for the slingers that were sent on a mission to the deep forest...

The Lithuanian force, with lots of light horses just waiting for the order to advance...

...and they did...the Lithuanina Light Horses started to ride in a fast pace towards the Polish line. The polish commander held back he´s cavalry and just let the Archers advande to the frozen fields...

A picture showing the battle field after the first fighting... The Polish Archers started to shoot at the Lithuanina Light Horses, making very little damage...

The rest of the Lithuanians started to shower the polish Cavalery with javelins...making damage (they lose there Impetus bonus...)

Some of the Lithuanians started to move around the unprotected polish flank aiming to sack the Polish camp, the polish slingers didn´t dare to move out of the protecting forest to meet the threat...

The Polish General decided to make a glorius charge against the Lithuanians...but he charged alone as all other Polish cavalry was disordered... The Lithuanians made a tactical retreat...BUT the Polish General did catch up...

The Polish Cavalry did much better in this battle then the Polish Knights did last time... Several units od Lithuenian Light Horse was catched in the run and defeated. As a comfort some of the Lithuenians managed to sack the Polish camp...

The last epic strugle btween the Polish and the Lithuenian Generals...even though it looked like the Lithuenian General would win the fight, the Polish General managed to summon up the last energy and defeat the Lithuenian General... this ended the battle as the Lithuenian army broke...

It was a realy nice game, with a uncertain end...I realy have to play more often so I can learn the rules more satifactory, now it is to much time los looking trough the rules...but they allways have given us interesting games and next time we will use some more units in each army.


  1. Very nice looking stuff. Going by the write up it sounds like you enjoyed playing the game too.

    I'd love to see some close ups of the action if that is possible?


  2. Hi Darrell

    Yes I like Impetus:) I like that you can get a realy good and interesting game only using 6-8 bases/units a side.

    I can´t get yuo any close ups from this game...I think about i untill next time:)

    Best regards Dalauppror