Monday, July 30, 2012

Dux Britanniarum Romano-British Warband

Release day of the TooFatLardies new Arthurian rules Dux Britanniarum !!!

Hope I will get the .pdf file soon... The .pdf file of the rules arriwed at  03:53am :) I have just open the file and at a first glance the layout looks realy good, (only the QRS had a strange white background at a part of the page...) will let you kow my first impressions about the rules as soon as I get some spare time to run it through...

Just to wait for the book and cards to arriwe...

My goal the last week have been to rebase 1 unit (6 minis) a day (and still get lots of time for the family...) until the 30th and the release of the rules. This have given me enough minis for a Romano-British starter army:

1x Warlord
2x Big Men
1x Champion
1x6 Household
2x6 Warrior
3x6 Levy
1x4 Missile

I will ofcourse also use the minis for Dux Bellorum to:) But for the Dux Bellorum Romano-British starter army I will need some cavalry to...and that will be re-basing step 2 in august just in time fore the release of the Dux Bellorum at august 20th.


  1. Nice group of figures Dalauppror.....

  2. A great looking starter force!!

  3. Interesting to see the army is great in number, I like the skirmishes with a lot of models.

    Indeed, a very nice Arthurian Army.

    Best regards.

    (I have received also my PDF!!!)

  4. Fantastic!! I´m waiting for the PDF too :).


  5. Excellent looking army Michael.

  6. Still waiting for my tablet version *GRRR*
    I really like what you achieved here, it's an impressive sight. Regarding the employment for other rule sets: What about 'sabot bases'? Personally, I had a closer look at the ones supplied by Warbases, and they are rather nice.


  7. Stunning models man look forward to what your impressions of the rules are

  8. Great looking miniatures Michael! A very impressive force for sure.

    I got my pdf yesterday but haven't had time to start reading them until this afternoon. So far they are looking very good indeed.

  9. Thanks Mates !!!

    Glad you lie them, I think I got the shields allright:) Love to use old GW transfers to paint over.

    I have´t either had time to read all the rules, are at page 37 at the moment... but they sure are a nice set so far, and the layout are stunning. I also the focus at the campain gaming more then the actual wargaming rules.

    About the sabot bases I have orderd costum made that I will use for both the Dux rules, they are 80x50mm and have room for 7 20mm slots. the ones at my Saxons:

    best regards Michael