Monday, July 23, 2012

Dux Britanniarum Numeri unit#1

Sins it´s only 7 days to the release of the TooFatLardies new Arthurian rules Dux Britanniarum I thought I would start to rebase my Romano-British infantry...

I´m actually up in darlecarlia for some holyday and I didn´t bring any minis to paint, just the minis for re-basing...

I will ofcourse also use the minis for Dux Bellorum to:) But for the Dux Bellorum Romano-British starter army I will need some cavalry to...and that will be re-basing step 2 in august just in time fore the release of the Dux Bellorum at august 20th.

My goal this week are to rebase 1 unit (6 minis) a day (and still get lots of time for the family...) until the 30th and the release of the rules. This will give me enough minis for a Romano-British starter army:

1x Warlord
2x Big Men
1x Champion
1x6 Household
2x6 Warrior
3x6 Levy
1x4 Missile

The first minis to get new round 20mm bases from Warbases are a unit of Numeri or Levy. I suppose my Numeri look a little to well equiped and uniform...but this was the most levy like minis I had painted up... at least they don´t have any armour;)


  1. Beautiful!
    (the shields are awesome!!!!!!)

  2. Impressive work... need to recover my army from the painting mountain and start working on it NOW!

  3. Great looking figures, love the hand painted shield designs.


  4. Thanks Mates ! glad you like them.