Thursday, October 4, 2012

Warlord games Viking Berserkers ???

I painted some Plastic Gripping Beast Vikings some time ago that ended up in the possesion of a friend of mine. Now he have asked me for some plastic Berserkers without mailshirt...

So in my search to solve the task I got my hands on some Warlord Games plastic celts... mixed them with some spareVikings parts from my bitbox...and I endend up with 4 Viking Berserkers :)

Now some pictures of the assembled minis:


  1. It's a fun, easy conversion, although I bet that Dane Axe bearer was a bit of a pain to pose.

    1. Dane Axe was a real pain to pose... had to heat up the arms to get them in about the right place...not perfect but it ended up quite well;)

  2. Looks like an great start.
    I just ordered some some warlord plastic to do the same convertion and miniature kitbash.

    But did the Bärsärkar really strip down to minimum clothes and armour? Sounds like an stupid idea to do before a battle. Maybe its mostly a myth.

    Nice looking convertion. The Viking heads on those torsos looks like an nice mix.

    1. Thanks !

      Needed soem knife work, but not much...

      one of the heads are actually from the perry plastic sudan box:)

      was there even berserkers... the sagas tells about persones affected by combat rage in some sort, so there was by all means no designated berserker units, but it look good on the gaming table, and you need 4 of them for SAGA:)

  3. You and Engel are evil.. Now I am scetching for a viking long-house and stuff.. :/

  4. Nice conversions, i got some celts to :)



  5. Very interesting, a very good conversion work!

  6. Yes indeed. Really nice conversion work.

  7. Now that is what I call Plastic Fantastic! Power to the Northern Fury...oh how I wish I was a Viking. Great job, so; when are you going to paint them? Do you like doing any custom banners for your troops or do you buy / print out most of yours?

  8. Good effort especially with the two handed axe.

  9. Thanks Mates !

    Painting in progress, pictures in a day or so...I hope...

    @David, about my banners... For the last yeasr, i.e my TYW, Kalmar Union War, SAGA, Baltic Crusades project I hand paint my own banners made of linnen cloth.

    you can find a short tutorial here:

    I hope you all will have a realy nice weekend:)

    Best regards Michael