Monday, October 29, 2012


No... not the 300 Spartans at the Battle of Thermopylae...

No... not the 300 Warriors in Y Gododdin...

YES... the 300 Swedish Knights that heroic fought a invading Union force of some 3000 men in 1455... :)

Ofcourse you all can the story, but if some one have forgot...

During the autum/vinter or spring 1455-1456 a force of 3000 Union troops (Norwegian allmoge soldiers) under command of the Norwegian Knight and High Council menber Kolbjorn Gerst, advanced from Norway against the Swedish town of Lödöse...

The Swedish Lord High Constable, the Kings cousin and Hero Tord Karlsson from the house of Bonde, that was in the area assembled all available Knights, Knechts and Squires in total 300 mounted men to meet the invaders...

On the approach of the Swedish force the Union invaders formed up a defensive waggon lager and repulsed the first fierce Swedish attack. See the Swedish knights "flee" the undiciplined norwegian allmoge soldiers left the waggon lager and started to pursue...

Tord Bonde wasn´t just a hero leading his men from the front, he was a cunning man to, that had a plan...

Now the real battle could begin...

This is just a prelude of tonights game that I will run at the club. We will use the Hail Caesar rules and I hope there will be a nice evening with a good game and may be a beer or so...

Some more pictures of the gaming table.

AAR at the end of the week...I hope...


  1. Wow. Just wow. That lokks absolutely amazing. What a spectacle. Can't wait for the AAR.

  2. Great terrain, the table looks ready to roll

  3. The battleground is even better than usual, absolutly fantastic!

  4. Your tables are incredible, in addition to your units. You are an example to follow.

  5. What a great setup for the game, can't wait to see how long the heroes last??

  6. The table looks ace looking forward for the AAR.



  7. Great looking battle! Enjoy your game

  8. Absolutely fantastic! I wish I was playing that game tonight! Looking forward to hearing more.

  9. Can't wait to see and read the results!

  10. Great looking set up have a good game :-)


  11. Beautiful terrain and figs! I've never seen fences quite like yours.

    BTW, I'm rooting for the underdog. Go Bonde!

  12. The table looks wonderful! I'm really looking forward to the AAR!


  13. An incredible table, and models too! This AAR is going to be very interesting.

  14. Glad that you liked the set up, I realy like to cover the gaming area with "extras" give more life to the setting, but it might be to much then the combatants dosent get room...

    Working on the AAR, but to mych at my dayjod so I probably won´t get it up untill the weekend.

    Best regards Michael