Thursday, October 18, 2012

AAR Dux Britanniarum, Viking vs. Anglo-Saxons

Here comes a short AAR from my and Jonas M´s latest Dux Britanniarum game. The 3rd part of our 9th century cronicle about Gutorm the Coward, the unliked son of a Viking King. Gutorm tries to carve out a kingdom for himself and his seariders on the other side of the northsea...

Tha Defenders of the Anglo-Saxon realms have repulsed two of the attacks and are in a good spirit, to protect their property Aethelbald the Cruel have decided to move it all to the old roman fort...

By the work of a Viking spy in the Saxon camp, Gutorm the Coward get the workd of this convoy and sets up an ambush...

 -Now we don´t have to go around gathering the loot, they just packed it all up for easy transport to our ships, he banter...

Somewhere in Northumberland july 794AD, the stage is set for a new saga to be writen...

Gutorm the Coward and the remaining Sea-riders manage to get back to theirs ships with a small amount of loot...

Taking moderate losses they will be back in october for a last time during this season to get some more loot...

This was one more very entertaining game of Dux Britanniarum, BUT still I think it takes a little to long, we played for about 3 hours and still didn´t get to end the game properly. Would realy love to get the time down to be about 2 hours from start to finish...

Besides that little issue I love Dux Britanniarum, gives me very entertaining games that looks good on the gaming table, more games will be played !

Please take a look at my friend Jonas M´s exellent blog "A Conflict of Interests"


  1. Great battle report thanks for posting it!

  2. Another excelent batrep. Your game tables are fantastic too. Thanks for the link to Jona's blog, jut took a quick look but seems another excellent site

  3. Another great looking game followed by a super report! Very entertaining!


  4. Great looking game and report Michael.

  5. Good game report, the poor vikings got stuffed again!

  6. Thank you Michael for another great report, and thank you also for the kinds words about my humble blog.

    This was yet another very tense and close-fought game. For a while it looked like my anglo-saxons were doomed, with the elite thegns on the run along with the lord and the vikings in control of the convoy.

    Once again however, the levy formed up a shieldwall, soundly beat the viking attackers and turned the tide. When we broke for the evening, the vikings were still in control of the convoy, but their escape rout was cut off and their force morale was down to 1 (!) point with a couple of units very near breaking point. Also, I had 4 or 5 Pursuit cards on hand.

    So with Aethelbald once again victorious, the realm will have peace for another three months before the vikings are back for another (final?) raid. In the meantime, the saxon lord has risen in rank – thanks to his performance, but mainly because of the tribute paid to his king. He will now not only have to lead his men in battle but also worry about strategic matters, such as building and repairing defence towers.

  7. Again, truly inspiring material here.
    Great campaign and narrative.
    Not to mention the quality of pictures, figures, the convoy...

    Thank you.

  8. Excellent game and AAR. I like a lot your terrain; it is fantastic.

  9. Fun looking game and entertaining report. Thanks!

  10. Great report! Looks like an exciting game. Ans as usual on beautiful terrain with nice minis.

  11. Nice looking game!
    I just ordered the rules, they look like great fun

  12. Great report, very pleasant to read and look at, as always!

  13. Thanks Mates !

    Glad you like the AAR

    Best regards Michael

  14. Those folks have kept that ancient fort in good order by the look of it. ;-) Actually, there's everything one would expect on a Late / Sub-Roman battlefield – except the figures, of course. Any chance to see you switching to the 'proper' DuxBrit period?


    1. Thanks Tilman !

      We will proparly switching to the 'proper' DuxBrit period as Jonas just finished painting he´s Sub-Romans.

      But for me migrating it to the Baltic Crusades seems more tempting...

      Best regards Michael