Sunday, October 19, 2014

Danish Bowmen

As you sure remember I painted 6 Bowmen for the Medieval Danish Hoast I painted for the Invasion of Gotland 1361,

 I have build 6 more of them from the Perry plastic Bow and Bill men box so now its enought for 3 units of Bidowers or 1 unit of Bidower and 1 unit of Bowmen as they are called in Lion Rampant.


  1. Nice work once again! Those Perry plastics really make great minis

  2. Very dynamic and excellent as always. I like the simple pallette of colours that tie the unit together.

  3. Very nice; I've played my first game of LR and am looking forward to more. So far, I like the rules for what they are very much - that is a small skirmish game. Best, Dean

  4. Looks great.

    And a nice trick to show that its a Dane... just ad a axe..

    And nice meeting you last weekend by the way, looking forward seeing you miniatures in person next times.

    Cheers/ Jonas

  5. Very nice indeed Michael! Those bold reds and blues really work well with the more muted colours.

  6. Great looking figures, I enjoyed seeing your Danish host for Lion Rampant. Congratulations on being cited by the Perrys and published in WS&S.