Friday, October 31, 2014

Early Samurai´s for sale

I will put my 12 Early samurai minis up for Sale, thought I should ask you, my readers, if any one of you want to buy them?

The 28mm minis are from The Assault Group range and are 4 samurais with Bow on foot and 8 Followers with Naginata all painted by me and with heroic bases. If interested please send me and mail with your offer.

I also be glad to sell of some of my Japanese terrain, the Farm and the Red "gate" (don´t remeber the real name...) The rest of the terrain are for my 20mm Vietnam project...that probably newer will be finished either...

The Farm and the red gate is all scratch built by me.  I havent thought about the prise for the terrain, but please feel free to give me an offer and I also check up the postage. send a mail to me at

Some extra pictures with the minis on the terrain.


  1. Those are beautiful miniatures. Good luck with your sale.

  2. They are lovely, I hope they go to a good home.

  3. Very nice Michael! They should sell quick.


  4. Wonderfully painted and the terrain is superb. I'm too far away to buy these but you've inspired me to dredge some Samurai out of my unpainted lead pile and put them on the workbench.

  5. Best wishes with the sale Michael, you are selling them at a very good price, especially with the postage included.
    Congrats with your magazine article also.