Wednesday, October 29, 2014


As you know I, Sören and Jesper fron the club made a trip to Copenhagen to set up our Battle at Lund 1676 game att the DFFCON 2014.

So this first AAR will show you some pictures of the other Lovely games and of the Stunning museum where the DFFCON was held, the Toejhusmuseet or in English The Royal Danish Arsenal.

The DFFCON was a quite small but very familiary and fun convention that I really can recomend if you  want to get the chanse to participate in the gaming and play on really nice terrain. Here are a bunch of pictures from the DFFCON and the Museeum.

The DFFCON was held on the second floor of the Tojehusmuseet, gaming next to the exhibition coulden´t get more inspiration:)

 10mm Chariot game, Circus Maximus

15mm WW2, Fighting around Casino 1944 with the Chain of Command rules.

28mm Jousting game, Very nice introduction to wargames for the younger visitor at the museum.

28mm Revenge of the Ninja with the Ronin Rules, sorry no minis on the table yet...

20mm WW2, Charge of the Paras – Push to Arnhem 1944 with the Rapid Fire rules.

1/350 WW1 Flight game, In Clouds of Glory

6mm Napoleonic

28mm Medieval, Bannockburn 1314 using DBM rules

15mm Italian Wars 1494 using the FoGR rules

ACW with blocks, Battle of Shilo using the Fire and Fury rules

Some pictures from the Museeum

First a Swedish Cavalry buffcoat fron the Scanian War:)

The Bottom floor was full of old guns...

Bofors 37mm AT gun, straight from Sweden;)



On the second floor they had display case with stuff from 15th centery to present day, but I did onlu take photos of some medieval stuff:)

And I was real exited when I discovered that they had a Autentic Kettlehat with onion top:)

...they didn´t mention that Dolsteins pictures are of Swedish Allmoge soldiers...

In AAR #2 you will see some pictures of our Battle of Lund 1676 game...


  1. Thanks for a great report Michael! Looks like a great convention but how could it not be with such surroundings!

  2. Looks like a great show Michael and thanks for posting the interesting photos. I await the Lund report with enthusiasm.

  3. That is a lovely place to hold a wargames show. Most envious. Thanks for the report so far and looking forward to #2:)

  4. A fabulous looking show Michael, but what an impressive venue! As you say, truly inspirational.

  5. Awesome photos Michael! Great place to to have a game or two!

  6. Great set of pictures Michael, I was so impressed with that WW1 aviation game, wonderful terrain they had built. Really pleased you actually found a LIVE onion topped Kettlehat too!

  7. The enviroment looked great! So long since one visited a museum :(

  8. Looks like a great convention and that you found some new inspirations for you Union war...

  9. Excellent surroundings to have a wargame! Some really great looking games there!


  10. What a Con! My head would be swimming. What to look at, all the beautiful tables or all the history? Just lovely, thanks for sharing!

  11. Looks like really good show. Thanks for the pictures.

    But most of all many thanks for the impression of the museum. I haven't been to Copenhagen yet but the arsenal is now on the list to visit!

  12. Seems like Tojehusmuseet is worth a visit. And speaking of that I should probably re-visit Armeemuseet as well.

  13. Looks like you had a cracking time :-)